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Show you audience the power of user feedback and audience insights. Become a Poll the People partner, give your followers exclusive offers, and get 20% reccuring commission on every sale, for life!

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How the Affiliate Program Works


Get Your Unique Referral Link

Apply to be a Poll the People affiliate and you'll get a unique referral link that tracks who clicked and signs up.


Promote Poll the People

Refer Poll the People to your friends, followers, and clients and they'll get 50% off their first test.


Get 20% Recurring Commission

Every month your referrals subscription renews, you'll get 20% recurring commission for life!

What You Get When You Become an Affiliate?

20% Commission

You'll get 20% on every sale you send our way for life.

Exclusive Discounts

We give you special offers for you, your friends, and your followers.

Ready-to-go Content

We've got great ready-to-go content created for engagement and conversions.

Zero Earning Cap

Your earnings have unlimited potential and you can earn bonuses based on your consistency and number of referrals.

60-day Cookies

We store all traffic for 60 days to ensure you get the maximum payouts even if a customer decides to purchase later.

Dedicated Dashboard

You'll have access to a custom dashboard where you can track referrals, manage promotions, and download assets.

Who can become an affiliate?

Anyone that can effectively promote Poll the People can join our affiliate program. Because Poll the People is a tool mainly for marketers, designers, brand and product managers, the program is perfect for:
Content Creators and Influencers

If you are a content creator or influencer who talks about marketing, design, product management, branding, or user research, join our program and recommend Poll the People to your community.

Marketing Agencies or Freelancers

Help your clients help themselves by showing them the power of Poll the People and earn commission while you do it. When you become a partner we will give you exclusive offers to help your clients.

Educators and Thought Leaders

Whether you are an institutional or independent educator, we’re on your side to help your audience. With out ready-to-go content you can teach your adueicne the power of user research.

Why Poll the People?

We are trusted by companies and customers around the world.
Headline Optimizer by Poll The People - Find powerful headlines to get more clicks | Product Hunt
User Testing by Poll the People - Test ads and designs with real users before you launch | Product Hunt

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no earnings cap when you become a Poll the People affiliate. You will receive a 20% recurring commission on every sale your bring our way for life! Here's what your commission could look like:

  • 1 referral = about $50 per month
  • 5 referrals = about $250 per month
  • 10 Referrals = about $500 per month
  • 25 Referrals = about $1,250 per month
  • 50 Referrals = about $2,500 per month

Customers can pay-as-you-go ($1 per response) or can upgrade to monthly plans with additional features. You can see the full details over on our pricing page . You will receive a 20% recurring commission on every sale you bring our way for life!

The best kind of affiliate marketing is authentic recommendations to your audience. When you become an affiliate partner, you'll get access to a library of ready-to-go content to share. If you decide to run a paid search campaign, the only targeting restrictions is you are not allowed to bid on branded keywords such as "Poll the People" or "Poll the People pricing". Do not impersonate Poll the People or try to trick people into thinking your company is Poll the People.

The referral cookie life is 60 days. If a user becomes a customer through your affiliate link past 60 days from the first visit, the conversion won't be tracked.

All three of these terms must be true to get paid from the program:

  • Net - 30
  • Commission due exceeds $10
  • The 30th of each month
On the 30th of each month or 28th of February, we pay out all commission that are at least $10 and for sign ups that happened at least 30 days prior.

No, the goal of the referral program is to encourage affiliates to spread the word about our platform, not to get discounts. Attempts to get credit for your own purchase will result in termination of our partnership and user account for life.

We give you commission for every revenue earned from a customer that joins through your affiliate link. However, you are not permitted to use Poll the People affiliate banners or codes on or in conjunction with:

  1. Websites promoting sexism, racism, or any other kind of prejudice or any illegal activity
  2. PPC advertising, promotions or websites with any unauthorized use of the Poll the People name or URL
  3. Coupon sites or coupons not authorised to your company
  4. False or misleading promotional messages
  5. Self-referrals
Use of our banners or codes in any of these situations will result in your being ejected from the affiliate program, and you will forfeit any outstanding commission payments.

Boost your passive income every time you refer Poll the People

Your friend, followers, and clients will get 50% off their first test when they sign up with your link and you'll get 20% commission for life!
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