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Test With Real Users — In Minutes, Not Days

Turn actionable insights into better experiences. With Poll the People, you can eliminate any uncertainty around design decisions by validating them with real users.

Your Research Toolkit

Digital Ad Testing

Test the effectiveness of Google, Facebook, and other digital ads.

Prototype Testing

Discover how people understand and interact with your prototypes.

Brand Testing

Test messaging, image, awareness, and overall brand design. 

Website Testing

Find out what website or landing page design resonates with users.

Content Testing

Get feedback on headlines, copy, images, and any other content. 

Optimize with lightning-fast user feedback. Within Minutes

Poll the People empowers teams to create custom tests to understand user expectations and needs by gaining actionable insights in minutes. No coding or design experience required.

Decide between A/B with real user feedback

100s of real people vote on your usability test. Taking out the individual bias.


Save Time, And Optimize Revenue

Eliminate costly mistakes by running usability tests before going live.


Insights - Within Minutes

Get results in as little as 30 minutes – not days or months like traditional usability tests.


Validate Decision - With Real Data

Already decided? Now you will have data-backed proof.


You’re 3 steps away from your next great decision.

Here’s how you can launch your first usability test - with no IT support.
Pick Your Test Template
Launch your test
Analyze the responses

Rapid user testing for Marketers

Optimize landing pages, brand messaging, ads, content, and creative to improve traffic and conversion rates on marketing campaigns and product launches. Get a better understanding of your user needs and expectations in under an hour.

Effortless optimization for Design Teams

Fine-tune user interfaces, navigation flows, creative designs, and more to help create engaging and delightful user experiences. Scalable solutions for designers to quickly and easily collect actionable user feedback.

Validated decision-making for Product Managers

Collect instant feedback on any experience, design, features, or concepts to ensure delivery of the right product, reducing the cost of rework. Confirm product concepts with your target audience through prototype and product testing.

Poll the People User Panel

Get immediate access to 500,000+ panelists.

Our panel is standing by to respond to your tests in real time.







High Quality Responses

We know real, valuable user insights are so important. That’s why we have a dedicated panel to participate in your tests. We have auto response rejection and bot protection, but if you’re not satisfied with any responses, we’ll replace it.

Lightning-Fast Result

Our global and local panelists allow us to recruit participants and get responses in seconds. A test is typically completed in an hour, if not less. You can take your results and start optimizing designs.

Detailed Targeting

90% of our panel is based in the US, but if you need to target specific, locations or users, we can do that too!

Targeting Includes:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Gender
  • Job Function
  • Location
  • Household Income
  • Language
  • Marital Status

Perfect for Any Budget

Usability testing doesn’t have to cost hundreds or thousands for a single test. Responses from our panel cost $0.42 per response with subscription plans for businesses of any size.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can pay for each response individually, or subscribe to a plan and get access to the full panel with no limit to the participants per test.

No, our panel can be used by anyone, subscription or pay as you go customers. You can learn more about our plans here.

We are currently working on a 'use your own audience' feature. To allow you to do send a test to anyone you want!

You can segment your audience based on a number of factors. Including age, location, language, income, job function, parental status, and more.

Our case studies

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Start Testing Today

Get real insights, from real people in real time.

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