How Poll the People Works

With Poll the People's ChatGPT-powered tools, gain valuable insights in minutes, saving time and resources. Just ask your question and tell us who should answer - we'll take care of the rest by gathering responses from hundreds of people instantly.

Pick Your Template

Pick one of our easy-to-use testing templates to get rolling in seconds. No IT or programming support needed.


Launch Your Study

Set the number of survey respondents. Your survey is instantly sent to real humans from our survey panel.


Insights With ChatGPT

Gone are the days of poring over survey responses. Save time and money with ChatGPT-powered insights + a handy chatbot (like ChatGPT)

Market Research + ChatGPT

Imagine if ChatGPT could help you analyze your survey responses. Our automated ChatGPT-powered insights do exactly that. Get thematic patters and 10+ other advanced insights (included)

ChatGPT-Powered Insights

Get thematic patterns and 10+ other advanced insights


ChatGPT Type Chatbot

Talk to your survey responses like ChatGPT. Ask questions and give it commands.


ChatGPT-powered Response Filtering

We use OpenAI technology to filter out bad responses and automatically score them for easy sorting.


Research Report

With these tools, easily give your client or manager a research report in minutes. No painful analysis for days at end.


Self-Service Platform

No waiting days for contracts. Just use the self-service platform and make your decision or create your research report.


Easy Expert-Built Templates

Your responses will start rolling in within minutes – not days like traditional market research.