By edwaardnick . Posted on October 23, 2023

AI basically means computers that can learn and make decisions on their own. Humankind had those within reach for a while now in the form of computer games, but not until a few years ago did the AI industry really pick up the pace. Producing truly revolutionary results for those who knew how to effectively harness that power. 

Today, instead of choosing lines of monologue to ask an interactive character for directions in a video game, you can get that AI to talk to your customers and redirect them to the right departments quickly and easily. 20 minutes of furious pacing listening to lounge music? Cross it off your to-do list for today!

And that’s not even a hundredth of a percent of what AI can do for you in 2023.

AI can be used to streamline your processes, massively increase efficiency, and elevate your customer experience to the next level. 

  • Many of your customer queries can be quickly and easily resolved without having to involve operators at all 
  • Manual tasks like ticket routing and data entry don’t need to be done by humans anymore, freeing time and resources for more important tasks
  • That also means that the number of manual errors can be reduce 
  • Customer services become less effort-consuming, faster, and more personalized
  • AI will also learn how to make your business practices technically better in ways that will surprise and delight you. 

Handling customer requests

You may remember watching gamers interact with AI-generated characters to complete quests in games like Sid Meyer’s Civilization. Well, it took a while, but now, almost 30 years later, that same algorithm can greet your company’s clients on the website and save everyone a lot of much-needed time. 

Automated chatbots will meet and greet your clients, ask them what the problem is, and deliver resolutions right there and then at the speed of light. 

In an age of an ever-increasing deficit of human personnel, not having to wait for an operator or, better yet, finding a solution for your concern straight away can be a lifesaver! 

Speaking of life-saving, chatbots can also be useful when company offices are closed during holidays and out-of-office hours. When it comes to Search and Rescue and other types of emergency companies, “life-saving” is no longer a metaphor. 

This way, your company can handle more clients by an order of magnitude with much less effort. Your employees can use their free time to improve day-to-day security practices, put in more work in the same hours, and attend team-building exercises. Or run more checks on the already completed work to reduce the number of errors and increase operational prudence. That’s a cakewalk for AI, but a huge leap for your company’s worth. 


Natural Language Processing can be used to quickly and efficiently redirect your call using your customer profile data to get you to the right person quickly. That also is a remedy for a special kind of hell wherein you’ve waited for 20 minutes for one operator only to find out you’ve reached the wrong department, so the whole thing begins again.  

Automated responses 

Automated responses can be very useful if someone in your company is going on a holiday, and you need to have your emails redirected to the right department. There’s also the opportunity to add disclaimers to the bottom of your emails, which will save you a ton of legal trouble in the future, and so on. Little things don’t seem to matter so much until they play a big role!

Automated responses can be sent based on certain keywords, which offers even more opportunities to get more things done elegantly and artfully. 

If your company sets different automated responses based on different keywords, you could get a lot of work done without ever getting your operators involved, and the result can go a long way. 

For example, messages from people in emergencies can be automatically redirected to the rescue services, and threats to court judges to the police, without putting adverts out, hiring, and assembling a whole commission to evaluate everything. A split second and urgent action has already been taken!

Behavioral Analysis 

AI can analyze the way interactions go between operators and clients, and suggest ways to make them work better the next time. Fine-tuning the way things work can make a huge difference over time in an age where even the slightest competitive edge makes all the difference.

Making The Work Easier For The Operators 

Just like with all automation, when people don’t have to do repetitive, boring, and difficult tasks such as mobile work briefings, work summaries, and so on, the outcomes are only positive. 

They either get better at their job because they’re not as tired and have more free time to gossip and exchange exciting stories, or (if they’re conscious!) use that time to do even better work. 

Leveraging customer data 

AI can be especially useful when it analyzes your client’s data that it gathered for better customer service. 

It would be difficult, if not impossible, for your operators to learn pages and pages about your client’s preferences before making a call and keeping all that in mind at the right time. AI can do all that to provide the best possible service for your client. It knows your client’s likes, previous issues, triggers, preferences, and so on, which makes the process more efficient by orders of magnitude. 

Use Fewer Employees

With AI, so much work now practically does itself that you can quickly lose some weight. That’s not to say that you should lay off half of your staff and leave them in a difficult position, but you could always put those people in other jobs, which would benefit the company enormously.  

AI services used to Enhance Customer Support

The chances are, you’re already involving AI to automate your processes if you’re using an email inbox. Although everyone takes them for granted, they’re actually immensely valuable and save you a lot of time and effort. For a demonstration, you could try hand-delivering all those letters you send to their destinations! Already convinced? Exactly. 

AI used for automation of business processes today is just as effective, except these programs are far, far more complicated and thus even more efficient: 

Zendesk uses Zendesk AI built on billions of dialogues to improve customer interactions and launch enterprises faster, better, and easier. 

Spotify is probably one of the most known examples of how AI can be use to analyze user tastes and suggest target content.

Uber also uses AI to improve customer interactions using NLP and improve them the next time. 

Salesforce is known to put the most intense focus on personalizing, streamlining, and optimizing its user experience for maximum satisfaction. 

These real-world examples demonstrate the tangible benefits of AI to improve customer support. 

Final Thoughts 

If you explore this field carefully and use these technologies correctly, the benefits can be immeasurable, especially when it comes to improving business processes and massive amounts of freed-up time. 

Clients will be happier because they now have round-the-clock access to your services, work processes are more efficient while your staff works less, and clients feel valued and recognized thanks to customer data leveraging. And that’s just the beginning!

Even Zendesk, which is known for its customer support expertise, is using AI to improve customer experience and optimize support processes. Discover Zendesk professional services to boost your customer engagement. So, as such large companies continue to implement AI-based solutions, it’s safe to say that AI is making customer support more efficient, leading to increased satisfaction and success in today’s customer-centric world.

We’d even go as far as to say that the usage of these technologies is crucial. Use these technologies wisely now, or watch your competition seize the advantage. 


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