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By Owen Fay . Posted on November 29, 2022

Did you know? Publishers can make money through affiliate marketing by employing an affiliate link to promote goods or services that are sold by other businesses. The affiliate partner receives payment for helping the business or advertiser reach its goal.

If you are looking for a new and exciting way to make money promoting the hottest new SaaS tool, look no further than the Poll the People affiliate program.

In this article, we will discuss the different aspects of the affiliate program, including how it works, who can sign up for it, and the benefits of becoming a Poll the People partner. After reading the article, we hope you will understand what it takes to become an affiliate for Poll the People and start generating extra income.

Is there an affiliate program for Poll the People?

The short answer is yes, Poll the People developed an affiliate program that enables you to profit from every user you recommend who signs up for the service and makes a purchase.

Anyone who can successfully promote Poll the People is welcome to sign up for our affiliate program. Poll the People is primarily a tool for marketers, designers, and brand and product managers, therefore the program is a way for bloggers, influencers, educators, content creators, businesses, and others to generate additional revenue by referring new users to launch tests on the platform.

What is the Poll the People affiliate program?

The partnership program offered by Poll the People is the official way to recommend the user testing tool to others. It is the best way to share your love of Poll the People and promote the hottest new SaaS tool while making money.

It is one of the highest-paying affiliate programs for bloggers, creators, and businesses that includes high commission rates and recurring income streams.

How does the program work?

Affiliate Program - how it works

Poll the People affiliates earn commission on every new user you refer, who signs up and launches a test or pays for a subscription. The commission you earn will be 20% of the total amount the user spends on their test or subscription.

For example, if you refer a user who spends $100 per month, you’ll earn $20 every month just for referring them to the platform.

To become an affiliate partner all you have t do is follow three easy steps:

  1. Sign up to become an affiliate through the affiliate program page to get your unique referral link. You will receive a unique link that users will follow to track your referrals and make money every time they run a test.
  2. Promote Poll the People, once you have your link you can post it on social media, mention us in a blog, or promote us with ready-to-go content from your affiliate dashboard. You can refer your friends, followers, audience, and clients and they’ll get 50% off their first test. You and your audience will get the great benefits of Poll the People.
  3. Get a 20% recurring commission. Every month that your referrals renew their subscription or spend money to run a test you’ll get 20% of everything they spend, for life!

Who can sign up for the Poll the People affiliate program?

Poll the People looks for serious affiliates who already have an audience and talk about topics related to what we offer. If you can only refer a couple of friends to Poll the People, then the company probably won’t approve your application.

Anyone that has an audience and can effectively promote Poll the People can join the program. Poll the People is a tool for marketers, designers, brand and product managers, this means the partner program is perfect for:

  • Content creators and influencers: Join our program and advocate Poll the People to your audience if you are a content producer or influencer that discusses user research, branding, product management, marketing, or design.
  • Marketing agencies and freelancers: By demonstrating the effectiveness of Poll the People to your clients, you can help them benefit themselves while earning a commission. We will provide you with special incentives to assist your clients after you join as a partner.
  • Educators and through leaders: We are here to support you as an educator, whether you work for a formal institution or independently. You can impart the value of user research to your audience without ready-to-use material.

Is the Poll the People affiliate program right for you?

Only you can answer this question. If you already have an audience or following of users who can use Poll the People’s tools and benefit from user research, then this program is a good fit for you.

This is how many bloggers are making six figures. Effectively promoting Poll the People for additional income will ultimately turn out to be the greatest decision once the revenue starts coming in. A monthly commission from affiliate marketing can range from a few hundred dollars to millions of dollars. Although not everyone who uses affiliate marketing makes six figures, you can employ methods and tips to attract customers and boost your income.

Benefits of joining the program

benefits of the affiliate program

Affiliate marketers can now advertise a company in exchange for payment anytime a user clicks on and makes a purchase through a link that points to their site by using it.

The advantages of becoming an affiliate at Poll the people include:

20% Commission

You’ll get 20% on every sale you send our way for life. When you sign up you will get a unique affiliate link that tracks the users and sales through your link. It is easy to sign up and you will have everything you need to start making money as an affiliate.

Exclusive Discounts

We give you special offers for you, your friends, and your followers. The likelihood is that if you ever highlight any goods or services on your profile, someone in your network will be motivated to purchase them. Poll the People’s affiliate program will give you discounts and offers for you or your audience to use, giving even more benefits to using our tools.

Ready-To-Go Content

We’ve got great ready-to-go content created for engagement and conversions. Utilize the content we’ve already prepared and tell your audience about all the great features we offer without much legwork.

60-Day Cookies

We offer a 60-day cookie life as well. That means we store all traffic for 60 days to ensure you get the maximum payouts even if a customer decides to purchase later. A customer might not always make a purchase the first time they use your link, but with our platform, you will still earn a commission if they decide to purchase within 60 days of using your link.

Dedicated Dashboard

We have a dedicated dashboard at Poll the people. You’ll have access to a custom dashboard where you can track referrals, manage promotions, and download assets. You can keep a careful eye on how many clicks and sales your affiliate link receives as well as the commission you’re earning.

Zero Earning Cap

Your earnings have unlimited potential and you can earn bonuses based on your consistency and number of referrals. You could earn a few hundred dollars in commissions every month or millions of dollars depending on how consistently you are driving sales to Poll the People.

How much can you earn in the Poll the People affiliate program?

You might have a lot of success with affiliate marketing with Poll the People if you want to generate extra revenue. Affiliates can range from single individuals to entire companies. The number of new customers you refer to the site each month determines how much money you make each month.

  • On the $0 plan, customers receive 3 tests per month at an average cost of $100 per test. As a result, you will receive $60 per customer every month, or 20% of that sum.
  • You can make $6,000 a month if you recommend 100 new customers to Poll the People.
  • You can make $60,000 each month if you recommend 1000 new customers to Poll the People.

Your commission can also depend on the subscription plan a new user chooses, ranging from $10 to over $100 additional income each month a user renews their plan.

Is the Poll the People affiliate program worth it?

You should balance the benefits and drawbacks of the program before applying. Here are some pros and cons to think about:


  1. Possibility of making a lot of money per month.
  2. PayPal-facilitated payments
  3. Lifetime recurring commissions every month.
  4. Large target market


  1. To market the platform, you must have a solid following.
  2. The market is highly competitive.

Is the program worth it?

If you already have an audience interested in enhancing their brand, ads, websites, and the entire business, the program can be a method to make extra money each month. The program will absolutely be worth your time and commitment as long as you are promoting Poll the People and driving purchases.

How to become a successful affiliate partner

who can be an affiliate

Knowing where to start is crucial while learning the basics of affiliate marketing. It’s all too simple to put the cart before the horse, and that metaphor applies to several situations. It takes a lot of direct and honest work before you ever get in touch with a business to find partners, high-commission affiliate programs, or affiliate marketing tasks that pay well and are consistent.

So, here are three tips to promote Poll the People the right way:

Drive authenticity

Today’s customers look for high-quality content with a distinct voice. They seek honest assessments of the services and goods that an affiliate markets. They want a collaborative experience in which they can learn from and rely on the affiliate for information about a business. Audiences desire authentic brands, authentic connections, and authentic communication above anything else.

It’s not as difficult as it may seem. Integrating authenticity into your affiliate marketing activities will help you develop and carry out a stronger marketing strategy. You will experience long-term success, and create a connection with your audience that drive trust and ultimately sales.

Create and use engaging content

The phrase “content is king” is true. To convert visitors into customers, you need to do more than just produce visually appealing material or sloppy copy that is overstuffed with links. The performance of affiliate marketing initiatives depends on consistently creating thoughtful, meaningful content.

One of your duties as an affiliate marketer is to inform your audience to support the promotion of particular goods. The best way to achieve it is to gain their trust by providing them with well-written or well-crafted, valuable, original, and pertinent information. Giving your viewers and readers relevant content helps keep them interested and ideally, increases your sales.

Generate traffic to affiliate links:

In affiliate marketing, an advertiser has already developed the affiliate program, as well as the product or service, and has also given the necessary tools and promotional materials. The major objective for an affiliate partner is to provide effective and efficient traffic to these affiliate marketing offerings, which results in increased traffic going to the advertiser’s website via an affiliate link. Ideally, this produces a higher conversion rate and greater earnings. To succeed, partners must prioritize being able to generate traffic.


A successful affiliate program requires a good amount of effort and collaboration with the brand. While each brand may have different measures of success, there are specific qualities you can develop and use in your own approach to maximize earnings and create a connection with the audience.

Do you have questions about using Poll the People to create a successful affiliate marketing program? Please reach out to us via the intercom support box below or send us an email at

Show your audience the power of user feedback and audience insights. Become a Poll the People partner, give your followers exclusive offers, and get a 20% recurring commission on every sale, for life! Are you ready to earn extra income just by sending new customers our way? Sign up for the affiliate program and get started now!

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