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Usability A/B Testing: Planning, Conducting, & Analyzing For Optimization

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Everything you need to get started with usability A/B testing

  • Tips for planning a usability A/B testing process
  • What are the testing methods and how to choose one
  • Recruiting Participants: the right audience, sample size, & criteria
  • 10 benefits we've seen from usability A/B testing
  • Asking the right questions & eliminating bias
  • Step by step process of running a test
  • Measuring success & the value of your usability A/B test

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Usability A/B testing is a human-centered process to evaluate a product, website, app, or other resources with real users to gain insights into their experiences. With usability A/B testing two variations of the resource are shown to a panel of users to find the version that delivers the biggest impact, achieves the goals of the test, and will drive business metrics.

Usability A/B testing helps to validate product ease-of-use and its functionality which is an absolute core of UX research and fundamental parameter in deciding the seamless interaction of users with a digital product without frustration and easily accomplish set goals.

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