About Poll The People

Poll the People was created with the aim of making data-backed decision-making faster, easier, and more affordable. Our advanced ChatGPT-powered tools allow you to quickly conduct market research by streamlining the process and providing instant, accurate insights.

Whether you’re a marketer or a designer, our platform makes it easy for you to test concepts, designs, user experience, and usability, and get into the minds of your customers before going live. With Poll the People, you can take the risk out of expensive redesigns and optimize your resources for maximum impact.

Say goodbye to the slow and complicated traditional market research process and hello to quick, efficient, and effective consumer insights. Sign up and run your first test today.



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Our Team

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    Alden Do Rosario

    Co-Founder & CEO

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    Anna Do Rosario

    Co-Founder, Product

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    Anupam Jain


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    Dr. Venkat Kolluri


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