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Digital Ad Testing

Test the effectiveness of Google, Facebook, and other digital ads.

Prototype Testing

Discover how people understand and interact with your prototypes.

Brand Testing

Test messaging, image, awareness, and overall brand design. 

Logo Testing

Compare logo designs or get feedback from consumers.

Content Testing

Get feedback on headlines, copy, images, and any other content. 

Make Better Business Decisions with Instant, AI-Powered Consumer Insights

Gain a Competitive Edge with Data-Driven Decision Making and In-Depth Consumer Understanding Powered by Poll the People's AI Tools.

Faster insights, better decisions.

Accelerate your business growth by leveraging real-time feedback from consumers and AI-powered insights to make smarter decisions.


AI-powered accuracy and objectivity.

Get unbiased, accurate market insights with the objectivity and precision of OpenAI's AI technology.


Automated analysis, no more manual effort.

Save time and resources with Poll the People's automated survey analysis, freeing you up to focus on strategy.


Access to deep consumer understanding.

Unlock the power of consumer insights with Poll the People's advanced AI-driven analysis and reporting.


You’re 3 steps away from your next great decision.

Here's how you can launch your first consumer insights study - with no IT support.
Choose survey template.
Launch to human panel.
Analyze with OpenAI-powered tools.

Rapid consumer insights for Marketers

Optimize your marketing efforts with AI-driven analysis of consumer insights, user needs, and expectations, in under an hour.

Effortless optimization for Design Teams

Elevate your design strategy with AI-powered insights and scalable solutions to collect actionable user feedback and create delightful user experiences.

Validated decision-making for Product Managers

Optimize your product strategy with AI-powered insights, prototype and product testing, and instant feedback collection to deliver the right product with reduced rework.

Poll The People Human Panel

Get immediate access to 500,000+ human panelists.

Our panel is standing by to respond to your studies in real time.




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