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A logo is one of the most important parts of your business, it represents your brand, can be what customers identify you by, and can have a big impact on your reputation. Consider some of the most successful businesses today, such as Nike or Apple, when you think of them, their logo is the first thing that comes to mind.

Choosing your logo is a critical decision that shouldn’t be left to chance, whether you’re starting a new company or rebranding an old one. One of the best ways to validate a design, decide between your options, and find the logo you and your target audience love is by running a logo test. 

This article will cover logo testing, why it’s important, and how to find a logo for your business.

What is Logo Testing

Logo testing is the process of presenting your target audience with a logo or multiple logo options and asking them for feedback on your design. It allows you to understand user preferences and opinions and gauge your options’ effectiveness to measure the design’s appeal, uniqueness, or effectiveness. When you test company logos or test logo options, you will find what works, what doesn’t, and what needs adjustments in your designs.

Test logos allows you to learn about your target users and what makes a good logo and validate decisions, empowering your business to pick one that will be successful.

Why Logo Testing Is Important

Why logo testing is important

A good, memorable logo can differentiate your business, this is why some of the most recognizable businesses invest thousands of dollars into their designs. The good news is it doesn’t have to cost that much, no matter what your budget is, it’s important to test your logo with real users before you launch them. Even the most expensive or detailed logos can be ineffective.

User testing your logo helps you find the best logo for your business with these benefits:

Validate Design Decisions with Data

To validate your designs, convince internal stakeholders, and establish a competitive presence, logo testing can give you the feedback you need. It demonstrates which logo designs and what elements resonate with the target audience.

By testing logos with Poll the People, you will get user feedback that will help you validate your decisions before going live. The feedback will tell you if the design is ready to go or if you need to make changes before launch.

In your results dashboard, you will get quantitative and qualitative data that shows you which design won the test and written feedback that will give you insights on how to improve the design.

Provide Ideas for a Better Logo

Sometimes, throughout the initial design and production process, a logo that you initially considered a top candidate might be completely redone because it isn’t the best fit. The logo you think will work best, or the one you like the most, might not be the one that your users like the most. It is important to get feedback from your audience on the logo you want to go with or to compare your possible logos against each other.

You’ll discover a “winning” logo with a logo test, though it may not be ready for launch. Here’s where user insights are useful: if you are testing a logo, the results will show you a winner, but the feedback will tell you if that “winner” still needs improvements and might give you new ways to improve your design.

With the help of your users’ suggestions and opinions, you can take a good logo design and make them outstanding. The fresh insights that users give you through a logo test can inspire a memorable and effective logo design.

Understand Your Audience

Different audiences and groups may respond to your design in very different ways. The responses you get from a test can tell you a lot about your target audience, what their needs are, what they expect from your brand, and how you can tailor your brand to them. You will understand how the audience will react to your marketing material and how you can optimize it for them.

You’ll discover which logo resonates with your ideal customer and find out how you can change the design to appeal to specific groups.

Iterate and Optimize Quickly

By using rapid market research and running multiple rounds of testing, your business can react to changes in the market. The data you gather helps you and the team make better decisions more often without relying on expensive or time-consuming tests to gather data.

With Poll the People, you can test your logos in a matter of minutes without blowing your budget to create the logo that works best for your business.

How to Run a Logo Test

Now that you know what a logo test is and why it is important to evaluate your logo options before making a final decision, you’re ready to start testing them.

You most likely used a website like or to develop your logo, or you might have entered a logo contest. You most likely have 5-10 options for your logo, but you might know which one to choose.

How do you pick the best logo for your business?

First, you should narrow your options down to what you think are the best logos you have. From there, you can launch one or multiple logo tests to find the ideal logo for your business.

Here are the steps to follow when launching a logo test with Poll the People:

Step 1: Pick A User Testing Platform

Poll the People is a fast self-service platform that lets any company deploy a logo test within minutes. The tests are designed as quick 1-question tests and completed in less than 60 minutes.

With a self-service system and a free signup, users can get feedback on their logo quickly and easily. There is no need to design your own survey. Just use the logo template, and your responses will be rolling in within minutes.

Step 2: Design Your Test

Logo Design Testing

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The next step is to set up the logo test, the whole setup process is less than 5 minutes.

First, we’re going to log in to the Poll the People, click “create a test,” and select the logo test template.

While you can test any logo you want, it’s best to choose the designs that you’re already confident in based on positive feedback from the team, coworkers, or other people who have seen the design. To get the best feedback possible, choose designs that are in similar stages of development. If you are testing a  finished logo against one that you’re still working on, you already know which one will win.

To design a test that is manageable for you and your respondents, it’s best to test in an A/B format or get feedback on a single design.

Once you identify the stimuli you want to test, create a test question that will answer any questions you have about the logo. Keep it simple: Like “Which logo do you prefer for an electronics store?” Or simply “Which logo do you prefer?”. You can test for things like appeal, believability, purchase intent, relevance, and more.

Your logo survey question will help you achieve the goal of your test. The logo question you ask will be reflected in the feedback, it is what the participants will respond to, whatever you are testing for, make sure that the metric is communicated in your test question.

Step 3: Choose Your Audience

The best way to determine real user preferences, appeal, or engagement with your logo designs is to have your target audience look at them. With Poll the People, you can identify the number of responses you need and add segmentation options to get feedback from the target user.

Set the number of panel respondents, for most logo tests, about 100 responses are enough for statistical significance.  If you need more confidence and less margin of error, you can increase the number of responses. We have a user panel of over half a million users, choose the number of responses you need to feel confident in your logo.

This option is faster and more cost-effective than a focus group or moderated test, and you will still get insightful responses that help create a great logo.

Step 4: Launch

Review your choices and checkout. That’s it. You are done with the entire setup process in less than 5 minutes.

Now sit back and watch the responses come rolling in within minutes. No more waiting for hours, days, or sometimes weeks for results.

Step 5: Analyze the Results

After you’ve gathered all of your responses, you’re ready to analyze the feedback.

The first thing to look at is: Who won? And by what margin? The greater the margin, the greater your confidence in your choice. In your results dashboard, you will get quantitative and qualitative feedback that will not only tell you the winner but will also tell you what makes a logo good or bad.

Each respondent has to provide a clear explanation as to why they made their choice. Remember to review every response to your question and take a deep dive into the feedback.

You can download, share, and collaborate on the feedback and find the most useful responses. A word cloud, segmenting the feedback, and finding the most important responses will help you create the best logo for your business.

When to Test Your Logo

User testing your logo should be done as your company is creating, expanding, and marketing itself. You’ll likely be seeking high-level advice to aid you in making important choices regarding the visual appeal of your brand, mostly during the development stage. You could, for instance, ask responders to select one of many completely distinct logos at this point. It is obvious why a logo test should be conducted during the stage of development, but it can also be useful during other stages of business growth. For example: when a company is restructuring or extending in new directions.

You’ll likely seek out more insightful feedback about your logo during the growth and marketing stages. Now is the time to ask specific questions regarding the themes, colors, and fonts of the logos to the respondents. It’s also good to sample your existing consumer base to see if they support your rebranding efforts.

Logo Testing Best Practices

As you are testing logo options and gathering feedback on your designs, there are a few things to keep in mind. These will help you stay on track when creating a logo and lead to a great identifier for your business. Keep an eye on these five things:

Evaluate Your Logo With The Same Question

Keep the questions you ask users the same across all of your logo tests. It can be important to run multiple tests to evaluate logos but make sure you’re consistent so you can compare data and analyze every test.

Use High-Quality Images

You need to use high-quality graphics to give you the best feedback when testing the logos. If you use poor quality or pixelated images, participants will have a hard time comparing logos.

Test With a Statistically Significant Number of People

When testing a logo, it is important to test with enough users to gain confidence in your designs. About 100-200 users per test will give you enough data to make a decision but test with a sample size that works for your test.

Keep the Test Simple

Respondents don’t want to answer a long and complicated test, keep the question simple. Get feedback on preferences, engagement, better design, etc. You will likely get good feedback if you ask one actionable question.

Test Your Logo and Competitors Against New Ideas

Testing your current logo against new ideas will help you decide if rebranding will benefit your business. Testing new logos or current logos against the competition will show you how your design measures up against the competition.


Testing your logo’s effectiveness and influence by putting it in front of your target audience is the best way to create a logo that works. Poll the People allows you to customize your questions and design a test that gives you valuable feedback. Our expert-built templates, dedicated user panel, and easy-to-understand results dashboard can help you test multiple logos to identify which elements work and which don’t.

Now that you know what logo testing is, why it’s important, and how it’s done, sign up for Poll the People and start optimizing your logos today!

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