Can users understand the main point of my website?

Contributed by Poll the People

Anyone that manages, creates, or monitors websites will tell you if you fail to grab the attention of users in the first few seconds they will immediately leave the site. A website preference test can be used to measure the first impression users get from your landing page. What do users think of the site? Do they understand what the website is about?

It’s an inexpensive, simple, and quick test to validate website or landing page intent and design. If the participants can’t quickly identify the main point of the page, it’s likely that the typical users will have the same experience and leave the page. On the other hand, if the page is easy to understand and the main point is clear you will convert more users and attract more traffic.

The creation of this type of test is straightforward, very affordable, and you receive results in just an hour. They are an easy way to begin user testing. The best question to ask of participants depends on the intent of the content and goal of the website. Some of the best ways to use a website preference test are:

  • Which website is easiest to understand?
  • What website communicates what the business does?
  • Which website has a more convincing message?

Take a look at this sample test to understand how a test would be run and the type of feedback you would get from running this test on your own website. This will give you a clear picture of what the test results might be and how you could use them to create a website that communicates the main point of the business.

For this example we use a fairly generic landing page, messaging, and images, but this type of test can be run on anything from non-branded wireframe pages to fully built, completed websites.

The results from this test are displayed both with the number of responses for each version you present to users and their written feedback. The results show you what version of the website shows the main point the best, but the written feedback that each respondent is required to give tells us why. The qualitative data can give you valuable insights into what they think the main message is, if it is easy to understand, and if there are any issues with the design or messaging of the page. Website Preference test

Owen Fay