What brand name do users prefer?

Contributed by Poll the People

A company’s brand name plays an important role in defining the brand image and can differentiate the brand from others. Finding the best name for your company can be a difficult but exciting task. If you are rebranding or creating your brand for the first time, testing the options you have can go a long way in figuring out what will work best.

A powerful brand image calls for a powerful name, a brand name test with Poll the People will give you powerful insights. Not only do you get your feedback in about an hour, but you’ll also get in-depth written feedback from every respondent.

Poll the People offers preference testing for a few or all of your potential brand names, with lightning-fast testing and pricing for any sized business you’ll find exactly what works for your business.

The test will include both qualitative and quantitative data to fully understand the results. The quantitative data will show you the clear winner, but the qualitative data will show you why one version is better than another, what users think of the brand name, and help you improve upon your name.

Check out this sample brand name test to give you an idea of the feedback and insights you can gain. Our dashboard tells the tester that brand name A received more votes, this could mean that it is a better brand name, but the written feedback tells you why. Diving into the user responses tells us how users felt about the name, why they liked it more, and a few ways it could be improved.

The results from the example test give you great insights into the opinions and preferences of user. Don’t skip over the explanations once you know the winner of the test, you might miss out on some valuable insights.

Owen Fay