Find powerful headlines to get more clicks

Want more clicks? This Google Headline Optimizer enables you to write user-friendly headlines that drive clicks. Just type in a keyword to get started.

Headline Optimizer by Poll The People - Find powerful headlines to get more clicks | Product Hunt

Effective Search Ads

Google ads are expensive, and this tool takes you one step closer to launching effective Google Search ads. In order to write a compelling and genuine ad copy, it’s important to craft messaging that focuses on user benefits, tie your headline to your keywords, and avoid generic language. Our Google Headline Optimizer Tool generates action-oriented headlines tied directly to your keywords, so you can be sure that your headlines are research-backed and meet your goals.

AI-Powered Insight

Your headlines are the first thing people see, so they play a major role in the performance of your ads. You can be confident in our suggestions, which are generated using powerful enterprise software. This AI-backed software was designed to accomplish the most important goals of a headline: ad text that appeals to users across devices, speaks directly to users’ needs, and ties in keywords.

Real Insights from Real People

Our tool will give you multiple suggestions. You’re free to choose right then and there, but why make such an important decision with haste? Instead, you can test two headlines at a time using our Google Ad Headline Test template. But, how is this different than Google’s in-built A/B testing? Simple. It’s better. By testing with Poll the People, you’ll get more helpful insights than basic quantitative analysis. Testing your Google Ads might assist you in determining how to improve your click-through rate (CTR). Better headlines improve your quality score, resulting in lower cost for your PPC ads.

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