Pay-As-You-Go Pricing: Get Started Instantly

Unlock Powerful Insights with Pay-As-You-Go Pricing and ChatGPT-Powered Analysis for Efficient, Time-Saving Market Research.


For pay-as-you-go.


  • $1 per response. Each response from our human panelists costs $1.
  • ChatGPT-style chatbot. You get an OpenAI-powered chatbot like ChatGPT that you can ask questions and write reports.
  • Response filtering Our anti-cheating and anti-plagiarism systems automatically reject bad responses. You are not charged for these rejected responses (unlike our competitors!). You can even delete a response from your feed so that they don’t appear for clients.
  • Response Normalization Our OpenAI-powered system automatically corrects grammatical errors and normalizes the response into readable sentences. Save time with beautiful easy-readable responses.
  • Response scoring Our OpenAI-powered system automatically grades the responses based on a rubric of grammar, spelling, clarity, relevancy, ideas and organization. Use this grade as a guideline to sort through responses, saving time.
  • ChatGPT insights After your survey is done, the AI calculates an executive summary, thematic codes, important factors, problems areas, etc based on the responses.
  • AI word clouds Advanced wordclouds based on OpenAI language models, not keywords.
  • 20+ Templates Use our expert-built templates or customize your own.
  • Statistical analysis Standard legacy stats and analysis.
  • Qualitative feedback Each human respondent has to justify their choices and provide a clear explanation.
  • 3 tests per month With this plan, you can run upto 3 tests with max 250 respondents per survey.
  • 250 human responses per study Max of 250 human responses. This should be enough for most studies. We recommend 200 for statistical significance.
  • Advanced Targeting: $0.50/criteria. Add advanced segmentation like Age, Gender, Job Function, Income, etc
  • Free Geo targeting By default, all surveys use US-based human respondents. You can narrow down to States for free.
  • Demo Information At the end of each survey response, the human panelist provides demographic information like Gender, Income, Education and Age.
  • Report Sharing You can share the dashboard with the responses and insights with clients, managers and friends.


For teams that run lots of tests. 


Everything on Lite, plus:

  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • 10 tests per month
  • Max 500 responses per study


For larger teams and agencies


Everything on Plus, and:

  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • Unlimited tests
  • Max 2000 responses per study
  • Priority Support


For enterprise teams

Starting at $10,000/month

Everything on Premium, plus:

  • Unlimited Responses
  • Dedicated Support
  • Expert Consultation
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