Getting Started

Poll the People is an AI-powered market research platform that allows you to create custom surveys and deploy them to our 500,000+ human panel in minutes. Our advanced AI tools then automatically analyze the responses and provide you with valuable insights, such as automated response filtering, scoring, and normalization, as well as thematic coding and emotional analysis. This allows you to make data-backed decisions faster and with less manual effort, helping you optimize your marketing campaigns, product launches, and user experiences.

To create a survey on Poll the People, simply sign up for an account and choose from our expert-built templates, or create your own custom survey. You can then customize the survey to suit your needs and deploy it to our 500,000+ human panel, in just a few clicks.

Deploying your survey to our human panel is easy with Poll the People. After creating your survey, simply choose the panel demographics you wish to target, set your budget, and deploy your survey with a click of a button. Our AI-powered platform takes care of the rest, ensuring rapid responses and high-quality data.

$1.00 per completed response. By default, all response are from US respondents. Most surveys can be run with 100 respondents and usually complete in about 60 mins.

Less than 1 hour. Usually 100 responses complete in under an hour.

Poll the People's advanced AI tools provide you with automated analysis and reporting, including response filtering, normalization, scoring, and insights such as thematic coding and emotional analysis. You can easily access these insights by logging into your account and viewing the analysis report for your survey. See Live Demo

Yes - even better: You get a ChatGPT style AI Bot that you can ask questions of. This is included in the free pay-as-you-go plan. See Live Demo

With Poll the People, you can create a wide variety of surveys to suit your market research needs. We offer a range of expert-built templates that cover use cases such as brand name testing, logo testing, open-ended questions, and more. You can also create your own custom surveys from scratch.

Poll the People takes the quality of survey responses seriously and uses several measures to ensure high-quality data. Using OpenAI technology, we reject bad responses and dont charge you for it (unlike other platforms that do!). The best part : Each response is automatically graded with a score so that you can sort by the highest grades. No more manually analyzing each response one-by-one in a tedious time-consuming way.

Yes, you can export the Poll the People data and use it with your other tools and platforms. This allows you to automate workflows and streamline your market research process.

Managing Your Surveys

By default, our panel targets US respondents only. This is included for free. You can also target by US regions and states. In addition, We support a wide variety of demographics that matter to you: age, gender, job function, income, and more. These demographic segments are available to you when you are creating a new poll.

Unfortunately, we do not. Our panel is mostly US-based respondents. And at $1/response, we are the best option for US-based studies. Unless your particular study absolutely requires a non-US audience, we recommend sticking with the default US targeting. If not, please consider other options.

You can't. Once the survey is deployed, it cannot be edited. This would obfuscate the integrity of the survey responses.

No. These surveys are designed to run very quickly (in less than an hour).

Short answer: You don't need to, due to the AI technology. However, if you absolutely must, there is a "Delete" option that will hide the survey response. Quick tip: There is also a "Pin" option that lets you highlight interesting responses.

Yes. There is an "Export" option that lets you download as Excel. The response data include all the AI-generated grades related to the responses.

There is a "Share Results" link that gives you a link that you can share with your team or client. This will let them view the responses and even ask questions of the ChatGPT-style "Ask Me Anything" bot.

The survey results page has realtime updates. You can "Refresh" to see the latest responses too.

We automatically notify you (via email) when the first response is in.

Account and Billing

No. You can use the free "Lite" plan that lets you run pay-as-you-go surveys. If you plan on running lots of surveys or need more than 250 responses, we suggest signing up for a paid plan. Please note: You do need to pay the $1 per response for the human panelists responses.

You can cancel your subscription plan anytime by clicking on Account -> Billing at the top right of the app. Then selecting the cancellation option.

Click on Account -> Billing at the top right of the app. Invoices can be found at the bottom of the page.

We use Stripe to securely store your credit card information. We do not have visibility into your credit card or address information.

We pride ourselves on providing a fully self-service platform powered by cutting-edge AI technology, including OpenAI - the same tech that powers ChatGPT. Our automated AI-powered insights and research reports, generated after responses from our 500,000+ human panel, are designed to provide you with the answers and research report you need in minutes. If you absolutely do need customer support, please Contact Us and we'll do our best to respond within 1-2 business days.

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