What ad creative will perform the best?

Contributed by Poll the People

A/B testing ad creative with traditional methods can be a long process, it can take days or weeks for Google, Facebook, or other digital platforms to reach statistical significance in the results, depending on traffic. This makes quick A/B or preference tests with Poll the People a valuable tool.

Testing your full ads or just ad creative on our platform can point you in the right direction and tell you what creative helps engage and convert users. You will learn if users understand the message you are trying to communicate, and what kind of visual design resonates with your ad.

Using a tool like Poll the People that gives you both quantitative and qualitative results is recommended when analyzing creative designs. The quantitative analysis will give you a clear winner, but the qualitative analysis will help you improve upon your current logos and incorporate the elements that caught the attention of the participants.

The written feedback you gather will identify any confusion, issues, or room for improvement in the creative that you use. The value of looking at the responses can be seen in the sample test results. The clear winner is shown at the top of the results dashboard along with the percentage of votes each version received, but there are some valuable insights in the responses.

Feedback like this can guide you in what can be a confusing process, and the platform makes it easy to iterate through the designs quickly to move in the right direction.

Owen Fay