Which Google ad design will optimize my CPC?

Contributed by Poll the People

Any marketer, designer, or decision maker that works with Google ads is constantly trying to get the most click for the lowest cost. A/B Testing designs in a production environment isn’t a quick process, days or weeks can go by before you reach statistical significance and have confidence in one version over the other. This makes fast but still effective A/B preference testing that much more appealing if you’re designing and running a lot of ads.

Testing ad design can reduce CPC because you know that the audience is more likely to engage with your ads and click on them. A good quality score which is affected by the content and creative you use has an effect on CPC and as you may know, CPC is an important metric because those clicks and cost can add up fast.

Testing Google ad design with Poll the People will give you a good understanding of whether or not users understand what the ad is about and what design preferences your users have. Running a preference test on the designs of your Google ads measured the sentiment about color combinations, ad copy, layout, and messaging. It’s the simplest test to run when you’re looking to measure ‘likeability’.

If your ads are designed in a way that engages and attracts users to click, your CPC will most likely be reduced, but you will definitely have more information about how to create ads that users want to see.

Once you run your test you’ll get both qualitative and quantitative data to understand what version won and most importantly why. This test speaks directly to the preferences of our users on two versions of our own Google ads. We were able to understand what works better for our audience and run that ad with the confidence that we will attract more clicks and spend less per click.

All you need to do is choose our image testing template, upload two versions of your ads, choose your audience size, and launch. With rapid and cost-effective testing you can iterate quickly to find the design that will convert the most users at the lowest cost.

Owen Fay