What google ad headline converts the most users?

Contributed by Poll the People

It’s no secret that Google ads that appear first on the page get the most clicks, as a result, a lot of energy and resources are spent to get an ad to the top of the page. However, there is a lot less time spent optimizing the headlines themselves, to be more engaging, and useful to users regardless of their position.

The headline attached to your Google ads is the first thing a user sees, they need to engage and entice users to create conversions. Failing to spend some time improving headlines can be a missed opportunity as they are a key factor in click-through-rate and can affect conversions more easily than the ranking. They are worth the attention, regardless of where your ads appear. The problem is it can be difficult to know what headlines will help you get more signups, subscriptions, or sales.

With a Google Headlines Preference Test, you can test different headlines in a controlled testing environment, allowing you to optimize your ads confidently.

Remember to run a test for all the versions of your headlines, you have the ability to compare 2 headlines at a time. With rapid and cost-effective testing you can iterate quickly and find the best headlines in a few hours, without spending hundreds or thousands. Each new test will give you different opinions from unique participants.

Set the scene for your participants by telling them what they are trying to achieve and what feedback you are looking for – but make sure to avoid leading users with keywords or language in your question that are included in the headlines.

You can also test your headlines against real competitor listings, giving you insights into how your ads stack up. You can understand why a user would choose a competitor ad over yours, giving you ways to improve the headlines you are using.

When you’re looking at results there is no magic number for choosing one headline over another. Your test results will include both qualitative and quantitative analysis. The quantitative analysis will give you a sense of the clear winner, but the qualitative analysis will help you improve upon your current logos and incorporate the elements that stuck out to our panelists.

These tests are about performance of headlines, take winner and feedback to build headlines that users engage with and help your conversions.

Owen Fay