What landing page design do users prefer?

Contributed by Poll the People

There are a lot of different ways to measure the effectiveness of a landing page, but at the bare minimum,  users should be engaged and enjoy the design. A landing page should be designed for a specific campaign, offer, or topic and lead users to one call to action. Compared to a website or homepage, these pages are designed for conversions.

If the page visitors don’t like the design, the design is not-usable, broken, or hard to understand the goal of conversions, simply won’t happen. A landing page preference test with Poll the People is a great way to test the design of your landing page before it goes live.

This example asks users to look at two versions of a landing page, choose the page they prefer and give feedback on what makes the design good, bad, or what needs to be improved. Users have the ability to quickly interact with the landing page, read the content, and understand it’s purpose. If they find any issues with the page you will see it in the results.

Is the design consistent with the brand? Do users know what the call to action is? Is the message of the landing page understood? Are users engaged with the content? These are all questions that can be answered through a landing page test.

Running similar tests on variations of the design will show you how to optimize a landing page. These tests are simple and cost-effective, but the results give you deep insights into how your pages can be better, and how you can optimize for maximum conversions and traffic.

Owen Fay