What color pallet works best for my logo?

Contributed by Poll the People

Are you trying to decide between two logo designs? Or changing your existing branding? The shapes, type of logo, and design make a big difference, but so does the color pallet that you use.

While many stakeholders and team members may have their opinions, there’s no better feedback than the feedback from real customers. It gives you fresh, external opinions from test participants with no internal bias.

Running a A/B logo preference test is a great ways to get this type of feedback fast, from your own customers or an audience that represents the audience you are targeting. The color pallet used in your logo can make or break how effective it is in representing the business. You can test two designs to find the logo colors that fit the brand, help to identify your business, and engage the most customers.

With Poll the People logo testing you have the ability to find your ‘winning’ logo and understand why its the best representation of your brand. The test results will include both qualitative and quantitative data, the quantitative giving you a sense of the clear winner, and the qualitative data will help you improve on your logo and incorporate the colors that stuck out to our respondents into the rest of your brand.

This example tests analyses what color pallet fits best with the brand and logo, The data shows us that the first option (option A) won the test, but doing a deep dive into the feedback shows us exactly why the cooler tones and more subtle colors created a better logo.

Because tests run with Poll the People only take about an hour and cost less than the competition, it is easy to test every logo design and find the one that fits the brand. This feedback gives you valuable insights into your designs, including material for brand redesigns.

If you are creating a logo for the first time or looking for a new direction with your branding a logo test can help. Make sure to focus on the explanations once you know the winner of the test, you don’t want to miss out on valuable insights.

Owen Fay