Which video is more engaging?

Contributed by Poll the People

Video marketing is becoming more popular each day, videos can be the best way to engage users as more people watch short form videos now more than ever. A complete video marketing plan can have a huge impact on traffic, leads, and sales. That means just like any other part of your marketing campaign, testing can help to optimize your content.

Your videos should be short but informative content that adds value to users and creates a positive impression of the business. The best way to find the best layout, copy, creative, or design for your videos is to run a video preference test with Poll the People. Our simple yet effective tests allow any marketer or content creator to find the videos that will create the most engagement.

When you run a video preference test you will put two versions of your video up against each other to find the version that users like the most. You have the ability to test with a specific targeted audience or get the opinions of the general user. The responses will immediately start rolling in and you’ll know the winner of the test in under an hour. But don’t disregard the respondents’ written feedback. Each participant is required to explain their rationale behind their decision. This feedback tells you why one video was more engaging, informing future design decisions.

Owen Fay