What Facebook ad creative is the most appealing?

Contributed by Poll the People

Facebook ads can be a great way to raise awareness about a brand, increase traffic to a website, or create more leads. However, only high-quality ads have a positive effect for businesses. Most designers and marketers know about testing Facebook ads with their traditional A/B testing format. This can be a long and expensive process, especially if you are in a high CPC industry or don’t have the volume to create statistical significance in a reasonable amount of time.

This makes a quick but effective pre-live A/B or preference test a great alternative to traditional testing. You will be able to find the winning ad creative and understand the preferences of your audience before spending days or weeks on a live A/B test.

Facebook ad creative can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your ads. You only have about 4-5 seconds to catch the attention of users and the images you use for your ads can create engagement or drive customers away.

Using a tool like Poll the People that provides you both quantitative and qualitative data will give you a great idea of what creative will engage more users. The quantitative data will give you a clear winner just like live Facebook A/B testing. The difference is testing with Poll the People gives you qualitative data. This tells you why one creative performs better helping to improve future ads and understand user expectations.

In this example two variations of Facebook ad creative were tested to learn what will perform better once a campaign is launched, avoiding the high cost and time commitment of live testing. Take a look at the statistical data and the written feedback, you can see the clear winner of the test along with the number of votes each version received. In most tests the qualitative feedback will identify any confusion, issues, or room for improvement when it comes to your Facebook Ads.

When testing Facebook ads in a pre-live environment like Poll the People make sure to digest all of the data. If you properly analyze the results, our tests can have the same impact on your ads as a live Facebook A/B test.

Owen Fay