Which article title is the most intriguing?

Contributed by Poll the People

There is a reason an article title comes first — it engages the reader, makes them curious, and ultimately convinces them to read the rest of the article. Indeed, it’s a daunting task to put on an article title of ideally six words or less.

Your headline could be the reason a skimmer skips or selects your article, so it’s important to test it before launch. With Poll the People, you can launch an Article Title test and get responses within minutes. With our test, the headline will be embedded within a mockup image, giving respondents some helpful context. You simply have to copy-paste your two article headlines, and we’ll do the rest. You can test multiple headlines by launching multiple tests, round-robin style.

You can target your desired audience or test your headlines on a more broad audience. As responses start to roll in, you’ll know right away which title received the most votes, but don’t count out the respondents’ rationale behind their choice. You’ll get an idea of keywords that stuck out, how it made them feel, and other useful insights, all of which are important to optimizing your title’s impact.

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