Which Facebook ad headline is the most engaging?

Contributed by Poll the People

Facebook advertising is an excellent way to expand your reach and product influence, but these ads don’t come at a low cost. This makes it increasingly important to make sure you’re selecting the right headline for your Facebook ad, so you can optimize your return on investment (ROI).

Concept testing between two possibilities for your headline is a smart way to ensure that you’re selecting the right headline, especially when you’re trying to win with Facebook ads without a big marketing budget.

Whether you’re targeting a broad audience or a Custom Audience on Facebook, Poll the People can help. In the case of the latter, you can target a similar audience on Poll the People and receive helpful insight on both of your headline options, not just the winner.

The results you receive from running a Facebook Ad Test will include both quantitative and qualitative analysis, so you’ll receive insight into the statistical significance of your data and confidence levels but also qualitative analysis of what stuck out to our panelists.

The qualitative data becomes increasingly important and helpful as you look to improve upon your Facebook ad headline, create content for pitch decks, and bolster your brand.

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