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Logo Design Testing

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Validate Logo Designs In Minutes

Choosing your logo is critical and shouldn’t be left to chance. To help ensure a successful launch or rebranding effort, it’s important to get feedback from your target audience on your logo.

Our expert-built logo testing template can help you verify that your customers or target users like your design. Show your users your logo design and get feedback on what they like and where you can make improvements.

Image of logo testing with Poll the People
Image of Logo testing results from Poll the People

Get The Feedback You Need

With our user panel, you can target and segment our users to represent your target audience. Our automatic anti-cheating response rejection technology removes the poor responses so they don’t appear in your results.

On other platforms, you get about 80% of the responses you need. But, with Poll the People, you get 100% of the responses you need because we reject the 20% of bad responses before you ever see them. Best of all: You don’t get charged for rejected responses (unlike our competitors!).

Image of audience selection with Poll the People

Find Your Logo Without Blowing Your Budget

Submit your logo designs to our user panel and watch the magic happen. Starting at just $1 per response, hundreds of real people will give you feedback to find the best logo. The participants will give an essay-like explanation to give you the insights you need to decide.

With subscription plans and test sizes to fit any budget, you can get reliably get high-quality feedback on your logo design fast without spending hundreds or thousands on a single survey.

Test Your Logo With Confidence

We have so many powerful features to help you launch tests quickly and get the feedback you need. Here are our most popular ones for logo testing.

Custom Survey Templates

Our expert-built templates let you create tests that get the best feedback. Launch an open-ended test to validate a design or a head-to-head test to compare logos. 

Audience Selection

Segment and target the right audience from a panel of over half a million, and choose the number of responses you need to gain statistical significance. 

Easy-to-Understand Results

Personal results dashboards, filters, and demographic information allow you to quickly share and analyze results with no training or experience needed.

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Validate and Compare Logo Designs with a Logo Test

Logo Design Testing

Click here to upload your logo

JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG or WebP supported
File size can not be more than 10MB

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