Test Faster, Design Better, with Rapid Insights

Poll the People empowers product and design teams to create custom tests and gain user feedback in just one hour. Get closer to your users and capture real insights as they happen.

Advanced Criteria And Segmentation

Understand your customers with our huge panel of dedicated respondents. Utilize advanced criteria and segmentation to get the most valuable feedback.

Panel Respondents






Collect real results, from real people, in real time

Optimize your designs with lightning-fast user research testing. Uncover valuable insights at speed, from headlines and images to web design. Spend less and eliminate time spent watching recorded and moderated sessions.

Test Websites, Ads, Figma Prototypes, and More

Your most important resources are put to the test to find what works best for your business. Spend less time on user research and find your next great idea. Take a look at our examples page to get a better idea of how the platform works.

Make Sense of the Results In Your Dashboard

Easily customize and analyze the results of your test with filters and visual representations of the feedback. Find the most impactful insights, eliminate irrelevant details, and share your findings with your team.

Reach More Engaged Users

Utilize segmentation and advanced criteria to create targeted tests. Spend less time and money recruiting participants with Poll the People’s dedicated user panel.

Owen Fay