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High Quality Responses

We know real, valuable user insights are so important to user research. That’s why we have a dedicated panel to participate in your tests. We have auto response rejection, bot protection, and advanced targeting and segmentation to test with your target audience, but if you’re not satisfied with any responses, we’ll replace them.

Lightning-Fast Result

Our global and local panelists allow you to recruit participants and get responses from your target users, in seconds. A test is typically completed in an hour, if not less. You can gather your results and start optimizing resources in the matter of hours, not days or weeks, like traditional user testing.

Detailed Targeting

90% of our panel is based in the US, but if you need to target specific locations or users, we can do that too!

Targeting Options Include:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Employment Industry
  • Gender
  • Household Income
  • Job function
  • Language
  • Education Level
  • Marital Status
  • And More

Perfect for Any Budget

User testing doesn’t have to cost hundreds or thousands for a single test. Responses from our panel cost about $1.00 per response with multiple subscription plans for additional features that work for businesses of all different sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are responses purchased?

Responses are purchased separate from our subscriptions, priced at $1.00. On our Lite plan up to 150 responses can be purchased with no subscription, commitment, or additional cost. For more responses per test and additional features, subscribe to our Plus, Premium, or Enterprise plan. You can get unlimited access to the full user panel with no limit to the participants per test.

Do I need to subscribe to use the panel?

No, our panel can be used by anyone, on our free Lite plan responses from the panel are purchased in the test and you can choose the number of responses you need in the audience section of the test. You can learn more about all of our plans here.

Can I send a test to my own users?

Yes, Poll the People allows you to send a user test to your own panel of recruited participants, with just a link. When you are creating a test just click on the “Create Link” button, copy the link and send it to the people you want responses from.

What advanced criteria is included?

In a basic test with no advanced criteria selected your test will be sent to a general audience of users from our panel. Made up of 90% U.S. users, it is great for general questions about acceptance, functionality, or engagement. You can also segment your audience based on a number of factors. Including age, location, language, income, job function, employment industry, and more.

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