Does my brand name resonate with users?

Contributed by Poll the People

A company’s brand name plays an important role in defining brand image, recognition, and can create differentiation from competitors. A name can be the driving factor behind word-of-mouth marketing and has the power to make or break a business.

Your brand name tells the story of the company, it represents what you stand for as well as all of your offerings. A good name expresses values, ethics, and objectives with little need to do in-depth research to understand what the business does.

Brand name testing with Poll the People is the best approach to identifying the most effective name for your new or changing business. These are quick but effective tests to understand user opinions, gain feedback on a brand name, and understand if your company’s name gets the intended point across.

When running a brand name test you need to have two different versions of the name to compare and allow test participants to choose the one they think represents the brand the best, then give feedback on their decisions. You will get all of the data in under an hour, giving you more time to make changes and improve the rest of the business.

When a test is completed you will see the quantitative data at the top of the results dashboard, giving you the winning name with the number of users that chose each name. Underneath the quantitative data, you will find the written responses that each participant is required to provide. This is arguably the most important part of a brand name test with Poll the People. You will find actionable insights, ways to improve your brand name, and users will identify any confusion they had when viewing your variations.

In this example test, we put two sample brand names to the test to give you an idea of how you can get great user feedback on your brand name. Take a look at all the data and get ready to test your own brand name. When you do decide to test, make sure to analyze all of the feedback you receive, you don’t want to miss out on a new idea or ways to improve the brand.

Owen Fay