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Brand Name Testing

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Discover How Your Brand Name Resonates With Your Target Audience

Go to market with a brand name that resonates with your users with the highest-quality feedback from real users. A brand name helps you differentiate in the market but, it can be hard to find a unique name. Brand name testing from Poll the People is the fastest and most effective way to learn how your brand name will perform with your ideal target audience, before launch.

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Use Human Feedback To Create A Powerful Brand Name

Poll the People is powered by real people with honest opinions. With our user panel, you can target and segment our users to represent your target audience. Our automatic response rejection takes out the poor responses so they don’t appear in your results. On other platforms, you get about 80% of the responses you need. But, with Poll the People, you get 100% of the responses you need because we reject the 20% of bad responses before you ever see them.

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Reduce Risk of Choosing a Bad Brand Name - in Minutes

With human feedback, you will be able to find a brand name that works for your business. In as little as one hour, you’ll get results that show what your target audience thinks about your brand name including quantitative data showing you which name won the test, qualitative feedback giving you insights on your name, open-ended text analysis, and audience information.

Find The Brand Name That Fits Your Business, Without Blowing Your Budget

Submit your brand name options to our user panel and watch the magic happen. Starting at just $1 per response, hundreds of real people will give you feedback to find the best brand name, without blowing your budget. Explore our pricing to find the plan that fits your organization’s needs.

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Get Your Brand Name Right

Create Unique Names, Fast

Finding the best brand name for your business takes less than 60 minutes, with brand name testing.

Spend Less To Test

Brand name testing with Poll the People is affordable for businesses small and large. Sign up for Free!

Start The Next Great Brand

Take the first step to creating your successful business, identify the brand name that your customers know and love.

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Brand Name Testing

Get $25 off your first test | No credit card required.

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