What Figma prototype design is the easiest to understand?

Contributed by Poll the People

A Figma designs are a common way of quickly prototype a website, app, or other software. They’re typically basic layouts, usually without the full content or features that will be in the final design. They aim to quickly show how a system will work so that teams, stakeholders, and end users can give feedback on the design without worrying about every detail.

In this example test, the prototype was created in Figma to allow the team to understand how the flow will work for users before they complete the concept. Poll the People is great for testing Figam prototypes because tests are done in about an hour and don’t cost a lot to run. You’ll get the same type of feedback and metrics when testing these prototypes as you would with high-fidelity designs.

The design has been created with a simple flow from the homepage through login and to the account page. Poll the People allows you to add a sharable link to your prototype and ask users to navigate to the desired page, then give feedback on the experience.

When you’re analyzing test results of a Figma prototype we produce you with an easy-to-understand dashboard with the quantitative data, telling you what design was the statistical winner of the test. You will also get qualitative data that tells you about the flow of navigation and the user experience.

In this test you can see that it was effective to test these designs before moving forward with more work. It’s clear that participants had a much easier time understanding the design with one version over the other, allowing you to move forward with the better design.

Don’t be afraid to put your designs to the test as early as possible, just like this example. Finding problems when you’re in the early design stages will mean that there will be less redesign and issues further down the line, and the end users will have a much better product.

Owen Fay