By Owen Fay . Posted on May 23, 2022

For the easiest and most effective testing of Figma prototypes, we recommend taking steps to optimizing your prototype before importing them to a Poll the People test. Here are some tips for getting off to the best start when you are importing Figma prototypes into your tests.

Figma Flows

Most times each Figma prototype has multiple “flows”. A flow in Figma is the connection of certain screens or frameworks for your design, concept, or website. When testing your prototypes with Poll the People we ask for a public flow link to make sure we are sending test participants to the correct set of screens and that you are testing the correct flow.

There are two main ways to make sure you are inserting the right links to the flow you want to test.

In the Editor view:

  1. Click Prototype in the right side bar.
  2. Navigate to the Flow section of the screen.
  3. Select the link icon (🔗) to copy the correct flow to your clipboard.
  4. Insert that link in the Figma Design template on Poll the People.

In the Presentation view:

  1. Choose the flow you want to insert into your test for the left sidebar.
  2. Select Share Prototype in the top toolbar.
  3. Click 🔗 Copy Link to copy the link to your clipboard.
  4. Insert the link into your Figma Design test with Poll the People

Privacy Settings Must Be Public in Figma

For Poll the People to show your Figma prototype to users and effectively run your prototype test the Figma privacy settings must be set to “Anyone with the link” “Can View” before you can insert your design into your test. The test participants will not be able to interact with or view your design if any other privacy or sharing options are selected.

Starting Screen

Unfortunately, Poll the People does not allow you to change your prototype start screen on the platform. If you’d like to change the screen users start on you will need to make changes to your flow in Figma. Figma’s guide to move starting point will help walk you through making this change.

Changing The Device You Test On

If you’d like to test your Figma design on a different device you can make that change in Figma. Most of the time prototypes are displayed without a device, but you can to display your design on an iPhone, desktop, or other device. Device frames that are set up in Figma are automatically shown to users in your Poll the People test. For more information on configuring your device frames read Figmas guide to set prototype devices.

Additional Ways to Optimize Figma Designs for Testing

We recommend inserting a link to only the flow you want to test into Poll the People. Some Figma files and prototypes can be very large, even if the flow is only a few screens, if it belongs to a much larger flow or prototype it can take longer to load in a test causing frustration and slow test-taking for participants. Keep in mind the file size and number of screens you want to test for the most valuable results.

Poll the People Figma Design Tests

The first and most important part of a Figma design test with Poll the People is having the designs you want to get feedback on. You will need to have your design or prototype ready when you are creating a test. Follow the steps we have explained to get your prototypes ready for testing.

Now that you have your designs ready to go we will walk you through the process of setting up your Figma design test with Poll the People.

Once you have signed up for Poll the People navigate to your dashboard and select “Create a poll”. You will then see a pop-up window that has all of our expert built testing templates. We offer a Figma design template for testing any of your prototypes, click on the Figma template.

You will then be sent to a new window to design your test. This is where you set up your test questions and insert your Figma links that you want participants to interact with. Start by giving your test a name. Next add a test question, a few examples of good questions include:

  • What design is easiest to understand?
  • Which Figma design was easier to navigate?
  • What design was more engaging? Why?

The last step to setting up the design of your test is to give your variations a name, design A & design B work just fine. Then insert the links you copied from Figma and you’re done, it takes under 5 minutes to set up your test.

From here you can save and preview your test to see how participants will see your test, save the test in drafts to be revisited later, or save the test and move to the audience selection window.

Choosing the Audience

In the audience window you will choose the number of responses you need. We typically suggest between 100 and 200 participants. The default segmentation takes responses from our user panel of over 500,000 users. If you want to be more specific with your audience targeting you can choose advanced criteria like location, age, gender, and more. Once you feel confident that the audience you chose will give you the best results you can move to the checkout window.

In the checkout window you will see the cost of your test along with your payment information. Be sure to review all of the information on this screen before you launch the test. We suggest doing one final preview of the Figma design test to make sure it is set up just how you want.

All you have to do is click launch and you will start getting valuable insights on your Figma designs in minutes.

Completed Tests & Analyzing Results

Now that you have gone through the whole process of optimizing your Figma prototypes for testing, set up your test, selected the audience, and launched you are ready for the most important part of testing with Poll the People, the feedback.

Our easy-to-understand results dashboards give you quantitative and qualitative data from users to fully understand the effectiveness of your Figma designs. The results will take just about an hour to roll in, you can view them in real time as you get responses or complete a few other tasks while you wait.

In about an hour you will have collected feedback from hundreds of users, giving you valuable insights to optimize your Figma designs. Take a look at the quantitative data that tells you the ‘winner’ of the test and the written feedback that tells you why one design is better than another.

Using the user responses from your test you can create Figma prototypes that turn into the most effective designs for your business with the confidence that your users will love them too.

If you’re looking to test any of your Figma prototypes, head over to Poll the People and sign up for free.

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