Which product design will user like most?

Contributed by Poll the People

One of the most effective ways to measure the effectiveness of a product design is to understand how it makes users feel and what words they use to describe it. Product design can be a long and difficult process, if the final design isn’t what customers are looking for, all of your efforts go to waste.

A simple way to test for this on the Poll the People platform is using the image or prototype preference test template. This type of user research tells you if the design of your product resonates with participants and if it meets their expectations.

The method is simple, create or identify two product design variations and upload them to the template. Ask participants a question that helps to achieve your testing goals, something like:

  • What product would you buy?
  • Which product has a better design?
  • What design shows you what the product does?

These questions should be constructed to help you understand if the product helps alleviate customer pain points and adds value to their lives.

The next step of a product design preference test is to set the audience, with our built in user panel of over 500,000 users you can be confident that you will get valuable feedback in under an hour. We also have available audience segmentation and advanced criteria if you want to test with specific users that match your target audience.

The results of these tests come in the form of both quantitative and qualitative data. At the top of the results dashboard you will see the winner of the test along with percentages and number of participants that voted on each design. While this data will show you what design users liked the most, the written responses tell you why. Each participant is required to explain the rationale behind their choice, this will tell you why one design is a better fit, what words participants use to explain the product, any issue with your design, and new ways to create a better product design.

Poll the People offers product tests that take less than 60 minutes with pricing plans for businesses big and small. Any organization can gather actionable research to optimize product designs, but the platform can be used to test websites, digital ads, branding material, prototypes, and content. When you are testing your product design with Poll the People make sure to analyze all the data, you don’t want to miss out on actionable insights.

Owen Fay