Product Testing
By Owen Fay . Posted on February 10, 2022

Product testing gives you valuable insights throughout your product’s life cycle from creation through the end of the product’s life. to be successful in this flooded market, product testing give you great insights to optimize products before launch. Stick to the guide to learn more about product testing.

What is Product Testing?

Product testing is a research method that involves investigating potential customers’ reactions to a product or service being developed, before launching it onto the market.

A sample of your target audience is used to examine the reaction to your developed product or service. In simpler words, it is about studying how your target audience thinks of your product.

In product testing, both qualitative and quantitative data are examined to get reliable results. Like all other processes, it also has certain tools, stages, and tricks to keep in mind. A product testing plan helps collect and analyze the feedback from consumers regarding a product.

Benefits of Product Testing

Here are some biggest benefits a business sees from product testing;

Reduce Product Development Time

Once you are aware of all the pros and cons of your product, it becomes important to track the issues and solve them. Once you understand the good and bad of the product the time it takes to develop a great product is reduced drastically.

Increase Customer Confidence

Product testing gives you the information needed to understand your customers and their opinions regarding the usability and attractiveness of the product you are looking to launch to the market.

Ensure Product Quality and Reliability

One of the most important benefits of product testing is that it makes sure that the product is manufactured with the highest quality. Reliable feedback is analyzed beforehand to reduce the margin of error in the product and its launch.

Forecast Life Expectancy

Without testing the product, you might have a vague idea about its life expectancy, but with data-backed decisions, you can ensure a sustainable life expectancy for your product.

Reduce Costs

It gives you insights to avoid unnecessary advancements and investment in the product. When you pre-test products you eliminate the risk of spending a lot of money on a product that won’t add any value to the business.

Increase Profitability

As everything is pre-planned and optimized, increased profit is also a benefit. You understand what your users want and what will draw their attention. Understanding the consumer goes a long way in increasing profitability, whether it is a product or any other business element.

Reduce After Sales Services

Once you have tested the product beforehand, the need for after-sales services is reduced. If you have the best possible product customers won’t have as many questions and the need for support is lowered.

Get the Product Right From the Start

Avoiding risk entirely in business is a dream, but minimizing it is a doable task. Product testing gives you the opportunity to get the product right before its launch in the market.

The market demands you introduce great products to survive, product testing allows you to optimize the product with feedback from the consumers. You can use it to launch the best version of your service or product to the users.

Using Research to Choose Product Features

There’s no denying the fact that feedback is one of the most significant features of the product testing procedure, why not utilize it to make the finest decision possible? It is important to understand the features that consumers want, need, and expect.

Customers are the people that are really responsible for determining the success or failure of your product. The features should be  made to meet the requirements of the customers. Research is powerful for understanding what customers really look for in a product.

The test is responsible for gathering data on topics like price, perceived value, and performance expectations. It can also explore deeper level benefits such as trust, status, and the compatibility of your brand with the customer’s personal values.

Define the Pricing Strategy

It’s obvious that people are attracted to your product if they meet their needs, however, pricing also plays a pivotal role. Suppose your product is hitting the mark and meeting the demands of the consumers, but how much are they willing to pay for it?

Here you need to consider your price point, the suggested retail price of your product. It should be competitive with the other products in the market. Set a price that can be changed depending on the demand and competition.

Pricing research is used in a few different ways to understand the response of customers to the price. Psychological factors are also essential to understand. Let’s suppose you have set the price too high, the users won’t even think about buying it or if you set it too low, the users might question its quality. Sometimes that’s just how it works, you need to keep in mind the value your product has and what price point will benefit you and the users.

Use Poll the People for Product Testing

website mockupThere are cases when the product testing may exceed your budget and become extremely time consuming. To avoid these issues, you can test your products with Poll the People.

It is one of the best ways to find out if your product is as good as you think it is. The platform is equipped with the essential tools to carry out product testing research, it uses a real audience to give feedback on your product. Each step is carried out to its full potential.

You simply submit the versions of your product and will start receiving valuable feedback almost immediately. Unlike most platforms Poll the People’s tests can be created, run, and analyzed in about an hour. On our platform, you can easily analyze the response and make the right changes. When you use great platforms, you get great results.


Product testing is one of the best ways to determine the success of your new product. It gives you a competitive advantage in making the right decision regarding your business and any new products you are looking to launch.

Using consumer insights is the best way to roll out great products and services. Poll the People is trusted for providing reliable responses on any resource your business tests.  To begin usability A/B testing, sign up for Poll the People or take a look at our blog for more resources..

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