Which is a better Facebook ad landing page?

Contributed by Poll the People

Once you’ve selected the right Facebook ad copy, image, and headline, you can choose an optimization event for your ad set, essentially telling Facebook what results to target. If you optimize your ads for landing page views, it’s important to make sure your landing page is appealing and achieves its goals.

You might have a perfect ad but without a solid landing page, it will be all for naught. With a campaign that is driving a large number of clicks but not converting, the problem might be the landing page and not the ad itself, especially if you’ve tested your ad with Poll the People. Consider the users’ journey from start to finish, and test all aspects.

You want to avoid drop-offs at the landing page. You can do so by running a Facebook Ad Landing Page test with Poll the People; you’ll receive your first responses within minutes and all responses within hours.

Like with all tests, the responses from panelists are increasingly helpful, as you look to understand what respondents took away and what stuck out from your landing page. Facebook also has a rule that your landing page must align with the ad, so carefully analyzing this qualitative data will ensure that Facebook doesn’t remove your ad for violating this rule.

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