qualtrics alternative
By Hira Ijaz . Posted on April 23, 2023

The survey industry has long been dominated by traditional platforms like Qualtrics, which have provided businesses with valuable insights into customer preferences and behavior. However, recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have given rise to a new generation of survey tools, powered by ChatGPT, that are leaving their predecessors in the dust.  Qualtrics has long […]

By Hripsime . Posted on April 5, 2023

More and more projects are completed yearly. This is due to the revolutionizing mind-blowing technological changes taking place. Project management is expected to face radical changes because of AI, machine learning, and other fancy automation technologies on the way. What is project management in general? The Project Management Institute defines it as “the use of […]

By Poll the People . Posted on March 30, 2023

You must wear multiple hats if you own a business. You have to manage inventory, sales, and customer service in addition to making crucial choices about how to grow your company. What is the most straightforward strategy to gather all the info you want to begin expanding your business? Utilizing eCommerce analytics tools is the […]

Utilizing AI-Powered Word Clouds For Data Analysis
By Poll the People . Posted on March 9, 2023

Data analysis has become an essential part of modern business, with companies of all sizes relying on data-driven decision-making to stay ahead of the competition. One of the most common ways to analyze data is through visualizations, which help to communicate complex data sets in a way that is easy to understand. Word clouds are […]

AI-Powered Survey Analysis How to Get More Value from Your Data
By Poll the People . Posted on March 8, 2023

Survey Analysis is the process of vetting survey results and extracting useful data from them. The process is done manually, leading to errors and inconsistent results. However, the advent of AI technology is raising the bar. Now, Poll the People utilize AI-powered survey algorithms to analyze survey data and provide business insights. This innovation allows […]

How Response Scoring Saves Time in Research Analysis
By Poll the People . Posted on March 7, 2023

Response scoring is a valuable tool that can save time in research analysis by automating the scoring process of survey responses. By reducing the amount of manual data processing required, simplifying the data analysis process, reducing the need for manual data cleaning, ensuring data accuracy and consistency and much more, response scoring can help researchers […]

How to Save Time in Survey Analysis with AI-Powered Normalization
By Poll the People . Posted on March 6, 2023

Surveys are an invaluable tool for gathering valuable insights into employee behavior, market trends, and customer preferences. They allow businesses to better understand their audience, identify potential problems, and make informed decisions. However, analyzing survey data can be a time-consuming and challenging task that requires significant effort and resources. Traditional survey analysis methods involve manual […]

How An OpenAI-Powered Chatbot Can Enhance Your Market Research
By Poll the People . Posted on March 5, 2023

As technology continues to advance, businesses are finding new ways to collect data and analyze consumer behavior. Market research has become a crucial component for businesses to understand consumers and make informed decisions. One of the latest advancements in market research technology is the integration of OpenAI-technology into the market research process.  With the help […]

How To Filter Bad Survey Responses With AI Anti-Cheating Technology
By Poll the People . Posted on March 4, 2023

Market research is a critical aspect of any successful business, as it provides insights into consumer behavior and preferences. Surveys have long been a popular method of conducting market research due to their ease of use and ability to reach a large audience.  However, one of the most significant challenges faced by survey researchers is […]

Brand identity and AI featured image
By Owen Fay . Posted on January 20, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation have significantly impacted many industries in recent years, and branding is no exception. From creating logos and advertising campaigns to analyzing customer data and managing social media accounts, AI and automation are changing the way that companies create and manage their brand identities. This blog will cover brand identity, its […]