The Ultimate Guide to Ad Testing with Online Surveys & ChatGPT
By Hira Ijaz . Posted on May 1, 2023

Ad testing is a key component of any advertising campaign. It involves identifying the effectiveness of various ad variations to determine the best for your target audience. 

One of the best ways of conducting ad testing is the use of online surveys. Capitalizing on online surveys will expose you to valuable insights from your audience and you can easily use it to re-strategize your ad processes. This guide will take you through the process of ad testing with online surveys, including analyzing your survey results and making decisions about ad campaigns. We’ll also explore how Poll the People, a ChatGPT-integrated survey platform can help you with ad testing.

Poll the People is a survey platform that uses ChatGPT technology to improve ad testing- make it more efficient, and engaging. The combination of these tools allows companies to explore in-depth insights into customers needs and create ads that will resonate with the audience.

The Basics of Ad Testing with Poll the People and ChatGPT

Ad testing using ChatGPT is an AI approach to creating dynamic surveys that identify the effectiveness of the advertisements. Poll the People likewise, leverages on AI to streamline the ad testing process and ensure authentic feedback. The platform does this by:

1. Engaging surveys

Poll the People is known for its expertise in creating unique surveys. These surveys keep the respondents engaged, leading to the brand’s getting in-depth insight into the user’s needs. Also, this approach can lead to getting a higher number of responses than the traditional approach.

2. Survey experience

Surveys keep participants engrossed in sharing their views about a brand, business, products or ads.  Thus, Poll the People creates streamlined surveys that ask certain questions and ensure the answers are relevant in making ad-testing decisions. 

3. A/B testing

The survey platform also exposes brands to running A/B tests which entails comparing two different ads to determine the one that’s better for the audience. This method helps businesses to decide on the best campaign to optimize their advertisement.

4. Fast results

ChatGPt technology also makes it easy for Poll the People to quickly run the survey, analyze the ad tests and present the results to businesses. This will help them to make quick and reliable decisions seamlessly.

5. Affordable

Using ChatGPT integrated survey platform to run ad testibg us more affordable than traditional methods. In fact, this method of ad testing reduces errors and manual data collection. It helps brands to trust the results and design ads that are tailored towards the nedda of their customers.

6. Understanding customer’s behavior

Combining ad testing with ChatGPT helps brands to understand their clients better. For example, traditional survey methods can be biased for one reason or another other but with a platform like Poll the People, the respondents are unbiased and will respond genuinely. This act will help companies to fully understand the people they wish to sell the products to. 

Exploring the Potential of Online Surveys for Ad Testing

Poll the People leverage on the power of online surveys for ad testing by providing a simplified platform with several key features. The features include:

Online Surveys for Ad Testing: Poll the People's Key Features

1. User-friendly Interface

Poll the People has a simple interface that makes it easy for brands to create their surveys, launch and manage it for ad testing.

2. Customizable surveys

The platform allows users to customize their surveys by adding questions related to ad testing e.g rating scales, A/B comparisons, and open-ended questions for feedback.

3. Targeted audience selection

Poll the People also allows companies to define the demographics and characteristics of their target users to ensure accurate survey results from the participants.

4. Analytical tools

Also, Poll the People survey platform has in-built analytical tools that help brands to understand the result of the ad testing process, identify market trends and make fast decisions about the right advertisement.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  What is ad testing, and why is it relevant?

Ad Testing is the process of presenting multiple ads to an audience to determine the one that performs better. It’s relevant because it helps brands to optimize the ad campaigns, improve their performance, re-strategize and maximize return on investment.

  •  How does Poll the People use online surveys for ad testing?

As a survey platform, Poll the People uses the online surveys to collate feedback from diverse audiences on the ads being tested. Fortunately, these surveys are fast, flexible and can be streamlined to specific audiences.

  • What’s ChatGPT technology and how does Poll the People use it for ad testing?

ChatGPT is an AI technology that allow Poll the People to create engaging surveys that capture genuine feedback from participants on the advertisements being tested. It allows Poll the People to design conversational surveys that keep the participants engaged, resulting in increased response rate and correct feedback.

  •  How does Poll the People create personalized surveys?

 Poll the People use ChatGPT’s adaptive abilities to create streamlined surveys that resonate with the participants. It also uses natural language processing to understand participants’ needs and create actionable surveys.

  • How does Poll the People conduct A/B testing?

Poll the People allow brands to run A/B tests by comparing two various ads to understand the better one with the target audience. It also provides rapid results and data analysis making beans stay ahead of competition and respond to market trends.

  • Is Poll the People an affordable approach for ad testing?

Ad Testing with Poll the People is more affordable than other traditional survey methods. 

  • How can brands use Poll the People?

Brands can sign up for an account on Poll the People and access the features while providing reliable customer insight via ad testing using ChatGPT. 


In essence, online surveys are powerful for ad testing and they enable brands to collate feedback from the target users efficiently. The use of ChatGPT-powered survey platform like Poll the People can help to design effective as tests that will provide authentic insights into the ad performance. This guide highlights the need to set clear objectives including the demographics of the audience before conducting the survey. Also, the brand’s must create surveys that resonate with the users and ask the right questions. 

Furthermore, this guide showcases how Poll the People, a survey platform that utilizes ChatGPT technology, can revolutionize the ad testing process, making it more engaging, and personalized.

By following this guide and using Poll the People’s platform, brands can achieve success in the market by creating ads that resonate with their target audience and maximizing their return on investment.

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