By Owen Fay . Posted on February 9, 2022

Although Microsoft’s Bing “decision engine” has hit many bumps in the road in growing its market share, there’s one thing it’s done extremely well: it’s pulled in some of the most valuable segments of the online traffic.  A new study by online ad network Chitika shows that an individual Bing user is worth one and a half individual Google users in value to website owners.

Binger vs Googler

The value of an individual user, in this case, is determined by their likelihood to click on a website’s revenue-generating call-to-action – in Chitika’s case, a text ad embedded in the site.  Across the sample of nearly 15 million impressions used for this study, Google users clicked on ads at a rate of 1.09%, while Bing users clicked on ads 1.67% of the time.

Ad Click by Search Engine - July 2010

“Microsoft absolutely did the right thing by targeting people who buy online,” says Alden DoRosario, Chitika’s co-founder and CTO.  “Bing’s Cashback service did its job, and ensured that people who were using search with a clear intent to buy came to Bing.”

Across the Chitika network, the amount of Web traffic driven by Bing has been increasing steadily throughout 2010 – from 4.4% of traffic generated in April to 6.6% thus far in July – and that growth, combined with the higher per-user value, means that Bing should no longer be an afterthought for content marketing gurus and webmasters.

Owen Fay

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  1. hardtke

    You are completely misinterpreting the data. Bing users, for the most part, come from two sources. The first group are people that use the default search engine that ships with Windows. The second group are people that use the MSN portal that is the default home page for Windows. These users tend to be the least sophisticated computer users. What you are observing is a demographic effect. You observed the same thing with IE (default browser) vs. Firefox (requires computer savvy) — people that use Windows defaults are unsophisticated and therefore valuable. From an advertiser perspective, they prefer customers who don’t realize they are clicking on an ad. This latest result can in no way be attributed to Bing’s marketing campaign as the same (higher ad click rates) was true in the Live search era. Ask has the most coveted search demographic — dial up modem users.

  2. dong

    hardtke, who cares, the point is the same – deep pocketed unsophisticated internet users are great visitors for generating revenue. It’s worth optimizing your traffic for them.

  3. Marcelo

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  4. Anakenb

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