AI-Optimized Brand Study
By Hira Ijaz . Posted on March 17, 2023

The AI-optimized brand study is a new innovative, and effective method of understanding how a brand is perceived in the market. The study helps businesses to gather accurate and reliable data to ensure efficient branding and marketing.

Poll the People is an AI-infused platform that uses AI-Optimized Brand Study to test a brand’s effectiveness. The study uses AI algorithms to analyze consumer survey responses and provide in-depth insights into any brand’s perception and sentiment. 

With that, businesses understand how their target audience perceives their brand and adjust to improve their shortcomings. This article is the ultimate guide to using Poll the People for an  AI-optimized brand study. 

How An AI-optimized Brand Study is conducted

1. Online surveys

The study is conducted with an online survey distributed to a sample of the targeted audience. The survey contains questions designed to assess the audience’s perception of a brand. The questions usually cover different aspects of the brand—messaging, visuals, products, services, and reputation.

2. Analysis

The survey responses are analyzed using machine learning algorithms that can identify patterns and trends in data. The algorithms identify themes like positive or negative sentiment towards the brand in the responses and thematic patterns.

3. Research Reports

The AI can even generate research reports based on the survey responses and the thematic patterns from the survey responses. This saves a ton of time and effort over manual report-writing techniques. 

Benefits of using Poll the People AI-optimized Brand Study

1. Objectivity

Poll the People gives businesses an objective view of how people perceive the brand. This view is vital because it helps business owners to identify their shortcomings and take steps toward improvement. 

2. Affordable

Using Poll the People is an affordable way to gather brand insights. Traditional methods can be time-consuming, but businesses can conduct market research online with Poll the People within a matter of hours and get AI-powered research reports and insights.

3. Accuracy

Poll the People uses a sampling method to ensure the accuracy of the results. With the AI-Optimized Brand Study, the survey will be distributed to a representative sample of the target audience to ensure the responses reflect a larger population.

Understanding AI-optimized Brand Study

AI-optimized brand studies are a kind of market research that utilizes AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze customer preferences and behavior. The studies help to gain insights into how the target audience perceives brands and products.

Understanding AI-optimized Brand Study

Poll the People uses AI-Optimized Brand studies to conduct surveys, collect data, analyze them, and generate insights more efficiently. A few examples of how Poll the People utilize AI-optimized brand studies for businesses includes:

1. Sentiment analysis

Poll the People uses sentiment analysis tools to analyze online reviews, social media posts, and feedback to understand how people feel about a brand. With this analysis, the platform identifies patterns and areas of improvement for businesses.

2. Customer segmentation

AI algorithms segment customers into groups according to behavior, preference, and demographics. Thus, Poll the People uses segmentation insights to create targeted marketing campaigns and personalized offers.

3. Product recommendations

AI-powered tools can analyze products and recommend the best for a customer. Businesses using Poll the People will get access to this feature, leading to increased customer loyalty and beautiful shopping experiences.

4. Predictive analytics

Poll the People can forecast consumer behaviors and trends with predictive analytics. The platform envisions the next move by analyzing past data history and ensuring it suits its marketing strategies.

Crafting Effective Survey Questions with Poll the People AI-Optimized Brand studies

Poll the People can use AI-optimized brand studies to gather valuable insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and sentiments. Here are some tips for crafting effective survey questions that businesses can use to Poll the People’s AI-optimized brand studies:

1. Research question

Poll the People identifies the specific question or problem they want to solve through the survey. For instance, they want to understand customers’ perceptions of their brand.

2. Closed-ended questions

 Closed-ended questions are questions that have pre-determined answer options for respondents. These types of questions can be easily analyzed using AI algorithms and provide data that can be quantified. Closed-ended questions should be designed to extract specific information. 

3. Open-ended questions

Open-ended questions require respondents to provide answers using their words. This type of answer is difficult for the AI to analyze, so it’s important to use open-ended questions when necessary.

Data Analysis with AI-optimized Brand Study

Poll the People’s machine learning algorithms analyze data collected via AI-optimized brand studies. Here are some ways the platform analyzes the data.

Sentiment analysis

The ML algorithm performs sentiment analysis in the data gathered via AI-optimized brand studies. The process involves analyzing data like survey responses, online reviews, and social media posts to check for consumer sentiments toward a brand, product, or service. 

Topic modeling

The machine learning algorithm performs topic modeling on the data collected using AI-optimized brand studies. It involves identifying the topics these customers discuss as regards a brand product. The algorithms can also cluster wires and phrases to identify similar themes businesses can use to make timely and efficient decisions.

Predictive modeling

Poll the People uses predictive modeling to extract valuable future data based on the last data. For instance, the algorithms can use previous survey responses to predict future consumer behavior toward a product or service.

Report Generation

1. Brand awareness

The AI-optimized brand study can determine the level of brand awareness among consumers. It measures the brand’s visibility and recognition among the fan base and identifies the factors contributing to brand awareness.

2. Brand perception

The brand study also provides insights into how consumers can perceive a brand, identify key attributes, and measure the overall perception of the target audience.

3. Competitive analysis

Poll the People’s AI brand study helps brands to understand their competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. It includes measuring the market competition and knowing how customers view the brand.

4. Product preference

The AI-optimized brand study provides insights into consumer behavior for a brand’s products. It involves identifying the popular products among consumers and knowing the factors influencing their desires.

5. Marketing effectiveness

The study also helps businesses to understand marketing effectiveness. It includes measuring the reach and engagement in reaching the target audience.


Poll the People AI-optimized brand studies are an iterative process that involves the continual collection and analysis of data to understand the target audience and their preferences. The iterative process allows businesses to adapt to market trends, changes, and consumer behavior to improve the effectiveness of their marketing strategies.

The iterative process of Poll the People AI-optimized brand studies involves the following steps:

1. Plan and design

In the first phase, the platform works with businesses to understand the target audience, research objectives, and data collection methodology. The study is designed to capture the most relevant and actionable data for the research objectives.

2. Data collection and analysis

Poll the People uses AI technology to collect and analyze data from different channels. With machine learning algorithms, the data is processed and analyzed to identify patterns and trends related to the brand.

3. Insights and recommendations

The data analysis results determine the brand’s insights and recommendations. Poll the People to look for areas of improvement and develop recommendations to refine the branding strategy.

4. Implement

Poll the People works with the brand to implement changes and monitor results. It involves the effectiveness of the mentioned changes and further Refinement.

5. Repeat

The iterative process of Poll the People AI-optimized brand studies is designed to be repeated over time to refine the understanding of the target audience and their preferences. As market trends and consumer behavior change, new data is collected and analyzed to refine the brand strategy further.


Poll the People is a platform that offers AI-optimized brand studies to help businesses collect valuable data about their target audience. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms and human expertise to conduct surveys and gather actionable data.

When conducting AI-optimized brand studies, the platform follows a structured approach starting with understanding the client’s objectives and target audience. Then, Poll the People designs surveys optimized for AI analysis, considering factors such as question format, length, and demographic targeting.

In short, Poll the People’s AI-optimized brand studies provide businesses with a powerful tool for understanding their customers and improving their marketing strategies. By leveraging the latest machine learning technology and human expertise, Poll the People delivers accurate, reliable, and actionable insights to help businesses stay ahead of the competition.


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