AI-Powered Survey Analysis How to Get More Value from Your Data
By Poll the People . Posted on March 8, 2023

Survey Analysis is the process of vetting survey results and extracting useful data from them. The process is done manually, leading to errors and inconsistent results. However, the advent of AI technology is raising the bar. Now, Poll the People utilize AI-powered survey algorithms to analyze survey data and provide business insights. This innovation allows users to easily create surveys, collect responses and get detailed analyzes quickly. 

Poll the People uses OpenAI’s large language models for survey analysis. It allows the platform to analyze large volumes of text survey results and identify the trends in the data. As a result, this article will guide you on using Poll the People AI-powered survey analysis for your surveys.

Benefits of AI-powered survey analysis

There are various benefits of Poll the People AI-powered survey analysis. 


They include:

1.) User-friendly UI

Poll the People’s platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate for technical and non-technical users. Users can create surveys and customize them with various formatting options seamlessly. 

2.) Fast analysis

The AI platform analyzes the survey data immediately after it starts coming in. It’s a good way of adding value to your data since it combines sentiment analysis and topic modeling to identify themes and key insights.

3.) Visualization

Visualization is essential to add more value to survey responses. They’ll help users to understand data with a glance and explore it in detail. Some visualization features include sentiment charts, interactive topic models, and word clouds.

4.) Accuracy

One of the main benefits of using AI-powered survey analysis is to get accurate results. Accurate results add more value to your responses. With NLP, the platform can identify patterns and themes that human analysts can miss.

5.) Objectivity

AI-powered analytics is an objective tool that doesn’t give room for biases. It analyzes objectively and eliminates assumptions that lead to the accumulation of valuable survey data results.

6.) Insights

Poll the People’s analysis tool provides actionable insights for organizations to make correct decisions. With the tool, business owners can improve the value of their products, services, and customers and recognize areas for improvement.

AI-powered Survey Design and Data Collection Methods 

It is vital to consider survey design and data collection methods to get the best value from data using Poll the People’s AI-powered survey analysis; here are a few tips for designing and collecting data for optimum analysis.

1.) Short & focused survey

One of the best strategies is to ensure the surveys are short. Short surveys have high response rates, and focusing the questions on specific topics can increase the data collected.

2.) Closed-ended Questions

Closed-ended Questions like Multiple choices are easier for the AI’s algorithm to analyze than open-ended questions. So, business owners should use open-ended questions only when necessary to get accurate results.

3.) Demographic Questions

Using demographic questions like gender, age, and income can increase the credibility of the survey responses. It also provides more context for the data and gives room for detailed analysis.


4.) Data collection

Poll the People AI-powered survey analysis platform supports different data collection methods. They include email surveys, social media surveys, and online surveys. The multiple collections will maximize the results and ensure various samples of participants.

5.) Incentives

Using a paid panel of human respondents increases the quality of the data. Providing incentives can increase response rates and the quality of the feedback.

6.) Pilot testing

Pilot testing is the process of testing with a small group of people before launching the survey. It’ll ensure the questions are perfect for your targeted demographics, and the data will be useful for analysis.

Using OpenAI for Analyzing Open-Ended Responses

At Poll the People, we use OpenAI’s powerful language models to analyze the survey responses and also aid in the work that the analyst needs to do. This greatly improves the quality of the survey data and the speed at which you can operate.

Data Quality

  • Response normalization: Using AI, the survey data can be normalized for easy reading. Each survey response gets formatted into beautiful English sentences, rather than the raw format that the respondent uses. This standardized format helps with analyzing the response and drawing conclusions. 
  • Response rejection: Let’s face it. Not all survey respondents will answer your survey honestly and with good faith. Some just want to get their money and run. By using Poll the people AI, bad responses can be rejected right off the bat. In fact, Poll the People does this automatically and makes sure you are not charged for bad responses (unlike our competitors!) 

ai powered analysis Response grading

Sentiment Analysis

The process of using NLP techniques to get the sentiment of the response. It’s useful in understanding the overall tone of the results.

Topic modeling

The process of identifying the topics the open-ended questions focus on. Using inferences, the AI can show you thematic patterns and codes. It even writes an executive summary for you, in addition to identifying problem areas and important factors.

Word clouds

It involves creating a visual representation of the commonly used words in open-ended questions to improve the value of the survey data. Unlike traditional word clouds that would just use the words in a sentence, Poll the People’s AI can actually glean out words based on emotion, importance and other factors. 

ai powered analysis wordcloud

The “Word Clouds” tab has a host of word clouds based on various factors.

Predicting Customer Behavior

One of the techniques the AI uses to analyze survey responses is using OpenAI’s large language models. The technique predicts customers’ behavior and provides valuable insights into how customers will behave toward marketing strategy and product offerings. By analyzing the survey responses, the AI can provide you with insights into how the survey respondents are thinking and feeling. It does this with easy-to-digest insights reports. 

 4 steps to Predict Customer Behavior

Follow these easy steps:

1.) Define the problem

One of the goals of surveys is to identify customers’ behavior towards certain products. Thus, identify the customer behavior you want to predict, e.g., subscribing to a service, referring others, or purchasing a product.

2.) Data Collection

Pick one of Poll the People’s easy expert-build templates to run a head-to-head comparison or an open ended question survey. Within an hour, you will have clean high-quality data related to your goal. 

3.) Predictions

Once the survey responses are in, head over to the “Insights” tab to quickly get into the minds of the survey respondents. The AI would have already analyzed all the responses and prepared various insights for you like “Executive Summary”, “Thematic Patterns”, “Important Factors”, etc. 

4.) Question & Answering

If the prepared reports are not enough, head over to the “Ask Me Anything” tab to engage with a ChatGPT-style chatbot that can answer your questions based on the survey responses. It’s the equivalent of someone training ChatGPT on the survey you just ran. Use this to save loads of time over traditional methods like sifting through survey responses one-by-one. 

ai powered analysis ask me anything

The AI chatbot can even write parts of your research report for you. 

Data Visualization for Communicating Insights 

Several techniques can communicate insights clearly and effectively when visualizing survey results from an AI-powered survey analysis tool like Poll, the People. 

Here are a few tips for creating effective data visualizations:


Certain charts or graphs are appropriate depending on the data type. The comparison of response percentages might need a stacked bar chart. Also, a line chart is more appropriate for analyzing trends over a period. 

emotional wordcloud

Thus, the chosen visualization must highlight your targeted insights.


Keep the information on the chart or graphs simple and easy to understand. Ensure you use clear labels to allow the audience to grasp the insights quickly. 


Colors are quite powerful for holding attention and data points. Also, it can be distracting when overused. Hence, use color sparingly and strategically to attract attention to the important information.


Provide context for the data you’re presenting whenever possible. It can include comparison data, historical trends, etc. Your audience will understand the significance of the insights better with the right context.


It’s vital to consider your audience when creating visualizations. Tailor the visualizations to their needs for optimal value and analysis.

Bottom Line

AI-powered survey analysis provides significant value to businesses by promptly exposing them to actionable insights from large volumes of data. 

Leveraging on this, Poll the People survey analysis tools will help business owners to analyze survey responses rapidly, separate valuable information from the samples, and identify patterns and trends. Businesses will also get recommendations for improving customer satisfaction and business performance.

Therefore, our AI-powered survey analysis is a powerful tool that can help businesses unlock the full potential of their data and gain a competitive edge in today’s data-driven business environment.

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