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By Hira Ijaz . Posted on May 9, 2023

Idea screening is an essential step in the innovation process, as it helps businesses evaluate and filter potential ideas to identify the most promising ones for further development.  It is a crucial step in the new product development process that helps organizations to identify and prioritize the best ideas and eliminate those that are not feasible or profitable.

Poll the People plays a significant role in idea screening by providing a platform for businesses to gather feedback and insights from their target audience. Being integrated with ChatGPT has increased the efficiency of the survey platform. Thus, this guide will highlight the importance of idea screening, the criteria for the screening, and tips that will guide you during the whole process.

Importance of Idea Screening

The importance of idea screening cannot be overemphasized. They include:

1. Saves Time & Resources

Idea screening permits brands to eliminate ideas that are not feasible or profitable very fast, thereby saving time, money, and resources that would have been wasted on pursuing them.

 2. Success Rate Increase

Screening ideas helps to identify and prioritize the best ideas, increasing the likelihood of success in the marketplace. Eliminating poor ideas early aids companies in focusing their efforts and resources on developing and launching the most promising ones.

3. Risk Reduction:

By conducting a thorough screening process, businesses can identify potential risks and challenges associated with each idea and develop strategies to mitigate them before investing significant resources.

4. Aligns with Business Strategy

Idea screening ensures that new product ideas align with the company’s overall business strategy and goals. This helps to ensure that resources are being used effectively to achieve the company’s objectives.

5. Enhances Innovation

Idea screening encourages creativity and innovation by generating new ideas and providing a platform for discussion and evaluation. It also helps to identify trends and opportunities in the marketplace that the company can leverage to stay ahead of the competition.

Key Criteria for Idea Screening

Identifying the key criteria for idea screening is important to ensure that businesses select the best ideas for successful development. Here are some important criteria to consider for idea screening:

  • Customer needs  

 Evaluate the idea and see if it addresses the needs and choices of the target audience. An idea that resonates with customers and solves their problems is more likely to succeed.

  • Market potential

 Assess the potential market size and growth opportunities for the idea. Ideas with a larger market potential and room for growth are more attractive for investment.

  • Competitive advantage

Determine whether the idea offers a unique value proposition or competitive advantage over existing products or services in the market. Ideas that differentiate from competitors have a higher chance of success.

  • Feasibility

 Consider the technical, operational, and financial feasibility of the idea. Ideas that can be realistically implemented within the available resources and capabilities are more likely to succeed.

  • Profitability

 Estimate the potential profitability of the idea, taking into account factors such as production costs, pricing, and revenue projections. Ideas with higher profitability potential are more attractive for investment.

  • Alignment with business strategy

Evaluate if the idea aligns with the overall business strategy and objectives. Ideas that support the company’s strategic goals are more likely to receive internal support and resources.

  • Scalability

Assess the scalability of the idea, considering whether it can be expanded or adapted to different markets or customer segments. Ideas with greater scalability offer more growth opportunities.

  • Time to market

 Consider the time required to bring the idea to market, including the development, testing, and launch phases. Ideas with shorter time-to-market can help businesses capitalize on opportunities more quickly.

  • Risk factors

 Identify potential risks associated with the idea, such as regulatory hurdles, market uncertainties, or technological challenges. Ideas with manageable risks are more attractive for investment.

  • Social and environmental impact:

Evaluate the social and environmental impact of the idea, considering factors such as sustainability, ethical considerations, and community benefits. Ideas with positive social and environmental impacts can enhance a company’s reputation and brand image.

How to Supercharge Idea Screening with ChatGPT

Supercharging your idea screening with ChatGPT can aid companies in making more informed decisions about which ideas to execute. Poll the People plays an important role in this process by providing a platform for gathering customer feedback and insights.

Idea Screening Success: 7 Tips with ChatGPT & Poll the People

Here are 7 essential tips for success when using ChatGPT and Poll the People for idea screening:

1. Define clear objectives

Start by setting clear objectives for your idea screening process, such as identifying the most promising ideas or evaluating ideas against specific criteria. This will help guide the use of ChatGPT and Poll the People more effectively.

2. Create targeted surveys

Design customized online surveys with Poll the People that focus on various aspects of your ideas, such as feasibility, desirability, and potential impact. These surveys will help gather valuable feedback from your target audience.

3. Distribute surveys to a representative sample

Ensure that the feedback collected through Poll the People’s online surveys is representative of your target market by distributing the surveys to a diverse and relevant sample of respondents.

4. Analyze survey responses with ChatGPT

 Use ChatGPT to analyze survey responses, identifying key themes, concerns, and sentiments in customer feedback related to your ideas. This will provide actionable insights for idea evaluation.

5. Evaluate ideas against predefined criteria

Utilize ChatGPT to evaluate generated ideas against predefined criteria, such as feasibility, market potential, and alignment with business strategy. This will help rank and prioritize ideas based on their potential for success.

6. Iterate and refine

Use Poll the People’s iterative process to continuously test and refine your ideas based on customer feedback. This ensures that only the most viable and desirable ideas move forward in the innovation process.

7. Monitor trends and patterns

Leverage ChatGPT’s ability to analyze large amounts of data to identify emerging trends, patterns, and customer preferences. This information can be used to generate ideas that align with market demands and customer needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does ChatGPT help in supercharging the idea screening process?

ChatGPT helps supercharge the idea screening process by analyzing customer feedback gathered through Poll the People’s online surveys. It identifies key themes, concerns, and sentiments related to ideas, providing actionable insights for idea evaluation and prioritization.

  • Can ChatGPT generate new ideas during the idea screening process?

 ChatGPT can be used to generate new ideas or expand existing ones during the idea screening process. It can also suggest creative solutions and improvements that businesses may not have considered.

  • How does Poll the People ensure the accuracy of ChatGPT analysis?

Poll the People capitalizes on ChatGPT’s natural language processing capabilities to accurately analyze survey responses. ChatGPT can effectively identify key themes, and concerns in customer feedback related to ideas.

  • Can Poll the People help businesses monitor changes in customer preferences over time?

Poll the People’s iterative process allows companies to continuously monitor changes in customer preferences by conducting regular surveys and analyzing the results using ChatGPT. This helps businesses stay updated with market trends and adapt their ideas accordingly.

  • How can businesses use the insights gathered from Poll the People’s online surveys and ChatGPT analysis?

Brands can use the insights gathered from Poll the People’s online surveys and ChatGPT analysis to evaluate and prioritize their ideas, ensuring that they invest time and resources in the most promising concepts. This ultimately helps businesses optimize resource allocation and increase the likelihood of success.


Supercharging your idea screening process with ChatGPT and following the seven essential tips for success can significantly enhance the way businesses evaluate and prioritize their ideas. By using ChatGPT’s natural language processing capabilities to analyze customer feedback with the integration of Poll the People, incorporating a structured approach to idea screening will be easy. It’ll also help you identify key themes, concerns, and sentiments related to their ideas.

These seven essential tips, including defining clear objectives, gathering customer feedback, evaluating ideas against predefined criteria, iterating and refining, monitoring trends and patterns, and collaborating with stakeholders, empower businesses to make more informed decisions about which ideas to pursue.

With these tools, businesses can optimize resource allocation, adapt to changing market trends, and increase the likelihood of success in their innovation process.


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