Entrepreneurship Journey – Making The First $1
By Owen Fay . Posted on February 11, 2022

At our first startup (Chitika), it took 18 MONTHS to make the first $1 — My co-founder (Dr.Venkat Kolluri) and I were ready to mow anyone’s lawn to open the account and make that first $1.

I am happy to announce that in our 2nd month at Poll the People , we just got our first customers, completely self-service, end-to-end.

A fintech startup used our service to select between two logo designs for their business.

In less than 60 mins, they were able to get the opinion of 100 people from our panel and decide the “winner” design

I am truly grateful to the team for months of hard work, and for advisors like Venkat, to move this startup forward.Alden Do Rosario
Alden Do Rosario

Owen Fay

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