By Owen Fay . Posted on June 24, 2022

We started Poll the People the goal was to provide marketers, designers, product managers, and businesses of all sizes with a platform to quickly and easily gather user research. Data-backed decision-making should not take days or weeks, it should take minutes, that’s the guiding principle behind our platform.

We are happy to say that the knowledge and insights we have lead to our founder and CEO Alden Do Rosario being featured in an article by Creatopy. In the article Alden talks about the value of user testing ad designs and how it can drastically help agencies that create a number of ads for different clients.

“Try user A/B testing – rather than traditional live A/B testing. By testing the ad creatives with real people, you save pain and heartache with the client. Imagine working days on a design and then getting the creative rejected by the client.” – Alden Do Rosario, CEO of Poll the People.

The article from the ad design automation platform explores Tips and tricks from 13 experts to increase ad design efficiency, these insights come from designers, executives, and founders. We are happy to be featured in their article and hope to reach more users that are looking to get more out of their digital ads, websites, designs, products, and much more.

Alden Do Rosario

Alden Do Rosario, FOunder and CEO of Poll the People

Owen Fay

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