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There are a number of reasons to test your business’s brand name, but maybe to most compelling: names can influence behavior. A company’s brand name has a significant role in shaping its reputation and can set it apart from competitors. Your brand will be successful if it has a name that reflects positive ideals and appeals to your target market. Your company’s name is critical for brand awareness and marketing because it can influence word-of-mouth advertising. It is capable of making or breaking a business.

For businesses, short company names are usually more memorable and distinctive than long ones. Some people have even observed that IPOs may be more likely with a brand name under 13 characters. A name that starts with a letter toward the start of the alphabet might put you toward the top in online or local listings.

The name you choose for your business can plan a big role in attracting users, getting traffic to your business, and ultimately getting sales. In this blog, we will cover how you can come up with a brand name and 5 tips for testing your name with Poll the People.

How to Choose a Brand Name

When you are creating a new business, product, or brand you should start with the name, to start, you should do some market research. Survey the marketplace, competition, and related businesses to find what brand names work the best for your business.

Which catchy company names do you like? Which ones fall short? What emotions do you associate with your favorite brands? Look at your favorite brands, businesses, or products to help you think of unique names for your business.

You need to ask yourself what you want your name to convey, for example, do you want to come off as trustworthy, approachable, family-oriented, or valuable? Do some research on how different words and phrases can help you achieve the goal.

Create a long list of potential names for your business and don’t edit it at first. You can get help from colleagues, online tools, or friends to come up with as many names for your business as possible. Once you have a long list of potential brand names, you can sift through them to find a few that you like the most. Make sure the last few are unique and won’t confuse the users or are too similar to an already established brand.

When you narrow down your list, write them out, say them aloud, and ask for some initial feedback from those around you. It should be easy to spell, pronounce, and understand to eliminate any possibility of confusion once you launch.

The name you ultimately choose can communicate the industry you are in, your brand’s overall message or goal, or what makes the business unique. No matter what image you are trying to create, one thing remains clear: your brand name is your calling card.

With all of the importance of naming a brand, it’s no wonder that the biggest companies in the world spend millions on brand name testing and consultants when it comes to a name change or analyzing their image. The good news for smaller companies is you don’t need to have millions or even thousands of dollars to run a successful brand name test. You just need a few names that you like and the willingness to gather user feedback.

If you want a full overview of how to test a brand name with Poll the People take a look at our brand name testing article, for now, follow these five tips and you’ll be on your way to finding the best name for your business.

1. Only Test One Thing at a time

Your company name sets you out from your competitors and is distinct from your brand’s logo, message, and style. Each of these brand components has a unique effect and will be evaluated using a unique set of standards, so their creation should be handled separately

Testing a single variable at a time allows you to understand how effective a change was or what impact that difference has on your brand. Testing more than one thing at a time can confuse test participants and skew results. When you present participants with multiple tasks or ask them to answer more than one question you can run into bias.

Double-barreled questions ask two separate things but leave you with one answer. Respondents usually only respond to the one they think matters more, even if they only reacted to the name in the written response, that reaction could have been based on the other element you are testing or asking about. When testing your business name, test just the name, leave the logo, messaging, or other brand elements for later tests.

2. Explain A Little About the Company

Unless the brand name clearly communicates what, your business does (ex: Matt’s Computer Repair), it’s usually a good idea to explain a little about the company’s purpose. Without a little context, the respondent might be confused and have a hard time choosing between the two variations.

A quick, simple explanation helps participants understand the main point of the brand. If a user knows what the brand or product does, they can give valuable feedback on the names.

3. Test Pronunciation and Spelling

A brand name should be easy to say and write but ones that take some time for users to understand aren’t necessarily bad. For example, Häagen-Dazs created their name to be “Danish sounding” even though they are an American brand. While at first, the name might have been hard to pronounce and spell, it is now a huge brand.

Not knowing how to pronounce something can push customers away, you need to either explain the spelling and put some effort into making sure users know the pronunciation or create a brand name that is easy to understand.

Just like with pronunciation there are good and bad misspelled brand names. Google is actually a misspelling for the word googol, which is the number 10^100, a reference to the many search results Google provides. Lyft is a misspelling of “lift” as in “getting a lift”, these examples show how changing the spelling of a word can result in a good brand name.

But, other misspellings can seem accidental or off-putting, if you are going to change the spelling of a word for your brand name make sure it doesn’t come across as a mistake.

If your brand name is potentially difficult to pronounce or includes misspellings, always be sure to test it on real users to understand if it is still effective. It might work in your favor, or it might hurt the brand, but you’ll want to know and test the company name before launch.

4. Make Sure the Name Is Unique

Unique brand names that cannot be mistaken for a different company or competitor. Create and test multiple brand names to find the one that fits the best and that is easily recognizable by your target audience.

Unique names that can be easily identified, pronounced and searched for tend to be the most effective. Don’t be afraid to test a name that you might think is too weird or creative, it might just be the best name you have.

The good news is Poll the People brand name tests take less than 60 minutes to complete and responses from the user panel of over 500,000 people cost about $1. This means you can test and retest all of your brand names in just a few hours.

5. Dive Into the Data and Test Again

Once you run your brand name test, take time to dive into the data, you will get both quantitative and qualitative feedback that helps validate decisions and inform changes.

Break down the feedback in each round of testing, not just when you think you’re close to finding the right brand name.

Look at the good and bad responses, the winner of the test, the number of votes, and even the user information. Understand why users voted in one way or another and what drew them to one name over the other. If necessary, test different names, or test again to get all the data you need before launching the brand name.

The earlier in the process you gather and use consumer feedback to land on the best name for your brand, the more likely it will be that the name will stick with real customers.


A brand name can be one of the most influential parts of a business, they need to be impactful, informative, and engaging. There are a number of ways to find a brand name that fits your business, but the best way is to test a brand name with Poll the People.

Brand name testing is a method of presenting potential brand names to your target audience and gathering data on the variations. Testing supports the decision-making process as you choose the brand name that is most suitable for your company by using both qualitative and quantitative feedback.

Poll the People makes brand name testing fast and easy, with curated templates, a dedicated user panel, and tests that are complete in under an hour you can find the best brand name fast. The platform costs less than most platforms and delivers precise answers in minutes as opposed to days. There are numerous additional tests for your business’s success on Poll the People. If you are looking to test your brand name or other features, sign up for a free account and learn how we can help you make better decisions.

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