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By Owen Fay . Posted on May 6, 2022

Are you starting your own business? Are you launching a new product or rebranding? Do you want it to be a success? If you said yes, this blog is for you!

A company’s brand name, logo, website, product, and services are the parts of a company that makes up a brand. These elements play a vital role in shaping the company and how it will be viewed in the eyes of consumers. It is important to take time to create the best version of these business elements to have success from the start.

Brand testing gives real users variations of a logo, website, messaging, etc. to get feedback and optimize. This method helps you to create the best brand for your users.

The process helps to coordinate with the audience and understand their perception of the business and attitude towards it. This helps the brand grow by optimizing every part of your brand before it can make an impact on the business.

By following some easy steps, you can benefit from a variety of useful templates for your brand testing process.

What is Brand Testing?

Brand testing identifies a brand’s position, image, value, and services offered to customers. A brand includes all the things that you present to the audience including, brand name, logo, messaging, content, website, themes, brand tone, etc.

These elements play a vital role in the success or failure of the brand. Brand testing identifies the parts of a brand that are good, need improvement, or are not right for the business, with feedback to create the best brand possible.

Rebranding or launching a new brand is time-consuming and expensive so the company is at risk if the launch is not successful. Mostly, the brand’s launch fails because the brand does not align with the customer’s needs, wants, and perceptions. Companies can avoid failure and improve their brand by brand testing with Poll the People. These tests help to understand how the audience or customers perceive the brand and if their expectations are met.

Some popular brand tests include a logo test, brand name testing, and the following brand tests that allow a business to create a great brand. Companies can improve the odds of their launch being a success by testing with Poll the People on any part of their brand.

1. Usage & Attitude Test (U&A)

Marketers want to know about users and the usage of their brand. Attitude and perception of their customers about their business are important for improving their offerings.

Attitude and Usage Test (A&U) helps to gather customers’ opinions about the brand and their behavior to identify growth opportunities.

Moreover, it helps the organization understand its market and find more opportunities to grow the brand.

A&U identifies who is the user of the product, when is the product used, and what is the attitude of consumers toward the product. It helps marketers to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the product by giving them the opportunity to thoroughly review it.

According to the objective of the organization’s business, (A&U) involves the following evaluations:

  • Sizing the market: (A&U) evaluates the presence of a company in its market. It assesses how well known the company is in the market, how frequently its products are being used etc.
  • Understanding general category: It assesses users and the use of products. It checks who is using which product, where and where the product is being used, and what are dissatisfactions of customers with the product. It identifies which kind of products consumers will buy.
  • Understanding brands: It evaluates which elements are increasing the sales and how the customers are perceiving the brand, etc.
  • Information for targeting: It checks if the messaging is making the performance better and how the customers segregated by behavior and attitude etc. are being targeted.

Organizations and companies can assess the performance of their brand by evaluating those areas. A test can be done by testing the brand, focusing on what they want to know from customers in order to understand how the customers perceive their brand.

2. Message Testing

brand message test

A high-quality brand has a clear and effective message they are telling its audience. It is important for a brand to know that messages are understood by the target audience. A message that is good for you might not be understood by the target audience. The effectiveness of the latest value proposition can be tested by organizations through message testing.

Testing helps to learn about the audience to communicate in a better way. Message testing before launching a brand helps to make sure that marketing is effectively engaging the target audience. Without initial message testing, a product of high value and great demand can fail. Message testing helps to identify the following things:

  • Need or value that brand has to customers: Successful marketing is possible by having awareness of customers’ needs. Messaging tells customers how the product is useful for them and what role it is going to play in their lives.
  • Is the focus correct? Out of many features of the products, the ones that are most valuable for the customers should be understood and highlighted.
  • Does the messaging show differentiation from the competitors? Being different and distinguishable from competitors is important. It is also important to make sure that the product meets the market standards and improves according to the
  • Is the messaging consistent with the company offerings? An organization should introduce itself clearly in a purposeful way before becoming part of a new market. It should explicitly introduce what is it going to offer.

3. Product & Package Test


Package testing helps to choose the best design, material, images, and messaging for products and packaging. If you are developing a new product for your business, testing the product’s design, packaging and application will show you if you are on the right track.

Packaging and product designs are the first interaction of customers with the product. Therefore, it is important to test the effectiveness of designs. Packaging should align with the brand’s mission otherwise it will fail to attract customers no matter how visually appealing it is.

4. Website Design

web design test

Website is the most important asset of a company especially if you are working online. Before launching a new website, it is better to test its design and usability.

Out of multiple design ideas for a website, the most effective one should be selected for the target audience. Customers approach the website with different experiences and agendas. They will interact with the website in different ways.

The website comprises many elements like layout, color scheme, content organization, navigation, user’s reaction, the brand image presented by the design, etc. that communicate with the audience. Testing these elements with the target audience during designing the website will save you time and money. A brand’s website design should grab the attention of visitors to increase traffic and conversions.

How to Run Brand Tests With Poll the People

Our platform is a quick and easy way to get more out of your brand, with real feedback from real users in only an hour. To run a brand test on Poll the People, you simply need to follow the following steps:

Pick a Usability Test Template

There is a variety of templates on Poll the People, pick the template that is right for the resource you’re testing. We offer templates for testing logos, messaging, webpages, or any other part of the brand. Our templates make the test easy and quickly get you real insights.

Choose the Right Audience

Target audience is very important for a brand. Putting energy on an irrelevant audience makes the test useless. Poll the people gives you the option to choose your target audience to ensure accurate and effective feedback. It also gives you the option to share the test with an audience of your own contacts.

Choose the number of users you want to test with, typically 150-200 users is enough for any brand test. But we have a panel of thousands, just choose the number of responses you need and start testing!

Launch the Test

After choosing the template and audience, your test is ready to be launched. Just review your test, make sure everything looks how you want it to, and click launch. The best part is unlike most testing platforms it takes about an hour to get hundreds of responses.

Analyze Results

valuable feedback

The most important and impactful part of any brand test is the feedback. Once your test is complete dive into the results. Poll the People gives you a winner of the test, charts, and quantitative data will tell you what version is better for users.

Unlike other platforms Poll the People requires respondents to explain their choice, you get real written feedback that tells you more about the test than the numbers. Each user will tell you why one version is better than another and help you understand what needs improvement.

Take the Feedback and Make Changes

Take the feedback from your test and make necessary changes to optimize your brand. The brand can make relevant changes in certain areas according to the feedback to proceed in the right direction. If you use the insights from the test you will know what to improve, what parts of the brand are great, and what you might not need to focus on.


Now that you know all about brand testing, how it works, and how effective it is, you are ready to run a test for your brand.

Brand Testing leads to the success of a brand launch or rebranding, it allows businesses to test different aspects of a brand and gather feedback to understand how users perceive the it and their expectations. It also helps the company to spend their time and money on the things that help the business grow.

It is always recommended to brand test before launching your brand to make sure that you are not wasting your energy, time and resources. Poll the people helps you to test the different aspects of your brand that leads to the success of the product.

Looking to get started with brand testing? Start testing for FREE with Poll the People!

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