How We Chose The Logo For Poll The People Using Pre-Live A/B Testing
By Owen Fay . Posted on January 4, 2022

Nothing is more exciting than creating a new business, by coming up with the best name, colors, slogan, etc. But, creating the logo for your new business can be fun and engaging, and the best way to do that is logo testing.

Like you, we considered a couple of logo creation sites like and and even considered a custom logo designer. We ended up going with a logo contest at costing $429. We had 14 designers compete in that contest with 100s of logo variations.

After a 3 day process of working with the various designers, we narrowed it down to 1 design and 2 logo variations.

Now what?

We asked a couple of friends and family. The results were mostly split. We didn’t want to risk choosing the wrong one. That can be costly down the line and can sometimes even result in controversy and negative press.

But wait?

What if we could use our service, Poll the People, and “eat our own dog food”? By doing this, we could tap into the wisdom of the crowds – rather than 2-3 friends.

The answer: Run a usability A/B test. This reduces the risk and you also get valuable customer feedback.

Here is how we did it:

A clear goal for your logo test

Choose 2 finalists that compete in the usability test.

Pre-Live A/B Testing - Example Logo

The test will be a shootout between these two finalists.

Setting Up The Test

Using Poll the People, the whole setup process was less than 5 mins.

First, we logged in to and clicked “Logo Design” to get started.

Setup Pre-Live A/B Testing

Next, we set up the test question. And uploaded our 2 logos.

We kept it simple. Our test question was: “Which logo would you prefer for a market research company?”

Next, we set the number of panel respondents. For most logo tests, about 100 responses is a good number and costs about $1 per response.

Set Number of Responses

That’s it. We were done in 5 mins. And responses started rolling in immediately.

The results

Our test was completed in about 60 mins. And we had a clear winner (the one you see on our website now).

Analyze Results

A bonus: We got valuable feedback from the panel respondents.

Analyze Responses

This gives you key insights into the minds of your consumers.


In less than an hour and for $42, we were able to test our logo – even before going live.

If you would like to choose between two logos, consider running your first test in the next few minutes.

Owen Fay

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