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By Owen Fay . Posted on December 19, 2022

Landing pages aren’t the usual web pages. The purpose of having one is to encourage visitors to complete a particular goal.

Those goals vary depending on the product, industry, and stage of the customer journey the customer is in.

To help you out, we’ll review how you can boost your landing page conversions. That way, you’ll get the traffic you want for your site and optimize it for conversion.

1. Write attention-grabbing headlines

Headline test preview

In your landing page, you need to be clear on who you’re speaking to. It would help if you also were clear on what particular action you want them to take before they can leave your page. This allows you to create a foundation that boosts conversions.

A well-crafted headline creates a first impression that converts people or hits the back button. It should instantly grab their attention, or else your landing page could be rendered moot. The best way to find the ideal headline for your landing page is with headline testing; this method allows you to compare or validate headlines with your target audience.

The results will show you the best possible headline among your options, leading to a better landing page design and increased conversion opportunities.

2. Reduce loading time

Loading times can also affect your landing page conversions since the longer it takes for the page to load, the more people will abandon it.

Users will only abandon a site if it takes up to three seconds to load. So, every second counts. The quicker your landing page loads, the higher your conversion rate will be.

3. Social proof

Social Proof

63% of consumers say that they prefer products with online reviews and ratings. The same could be said with them providing personal information such as email.

If you want to boost your landing page conversions, you need to show that what you’re offering them is worth it. So, how can you build trust between your visitors and your brand? You can do so with customer reviews, logos of companies you’ve previously worked with, and expert recommendations.

Again, social proof is one of the most potent motivators since people are more likely to take action if it’s recommended to them by people they know- particularly someone they trust.

Their stories, opinions, and evidence can profoundly impact others, influencing their decision. Check out the best growth metrics that you should start tracking today!

4. Choose one call to action for your landing page

Your call to action is one of the essential parts of your landing page. Thus, it needs to be eye-catching, and it should stand out. Great CTAs often use bold texts, contrasting colors, hover animations, etc.

Texts in these should be limited as well. Therefore, using phrases like the limited-time offer, free, or sign up depends on the action they want. Remember that landing page conversions depend on a strong CTA, so having one is essential.

5. Make it urgent

Nothing makes more conversions like the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO.) Marketers have already been familiar with this concept for ages. Usually, marketers will limit the quantity of a product, and the time it’s available for sale. That way, more people will be interested in buying it. Why? Because it instills a sense of urgency in them.

Giant eCommerce platforms like Amazon use this all the time. For instance, people will know if only a couple of items are left in stock. Businesses have been using FOMO in their product pages because it triggers people to buy before the product goes away.

That’s why most of them sell products for a limited time. You can implement the scarcity and urgency principle, such as limiting the number of available products in your store or offering limited-time discounts or sales.

6. Always place an embedded sign-up form

sign up form

One of the most effective email marketing strategies is to include an embedded sign-up form. You can see the email sign-up form on the footer or at the center of the page. This is a great design practice that you can place in the email form at your site’s footer. Visitors who have already scrolled this far will know what you’re looking for. Check out these other easy ways to improve your landing page. 

7. Use pop-up forms to your advantage

As we’ve mentioned, pop-ups are effective if you time them right. To get the most out of pop-ups, you can set it to load at the right time, when a visitor h a particular area in your landing page, or at exit intent.

You don’t have to limit yourself to one pop-up as well. If you’re running an eCommerce store, then you might have different pop-ups depending on if a user has an account on your store, what page they’re on, or whether they’re trying to exit a shopping cart page before they buy.

8. Test your landing page

landing page testing

One of the best ways to ensure that you can boost your conversion rates is to test your landing page with your target users. You must test your landing page first to know how your audience responds to it.

Testing lets your audience respond to various versions of your landing page, compare your designs, and find the best one. Although you may think one version is more effective, you might realize that the other version connects more with your audience.

Landing page preference tests are one of the simplest ways to collect feedback from your customers when it comes to user acceptance, and Poll the People is the fastest and most cost-effective platform. Poll the People empowers product and design teams to create custom tests and gain user feedback in just one hour. You can get closer to your users and capture real insights as they happen.

9. Create a good design

It can be challenging to balance accessibility with visual appeal. You don’t want your landing page to end up being too cluttered. You also need to convert enough information to entice users to provide you with information.

Your conversion rates can increase by enhancing the look of your landing page. Ensure that you include enough white space and animation to draw more eyes to your CTAs, add more borders around your buttons, be selective with the number of formats of your videos and build a logical order that users can follow.

Final Thoughts

Optimizing your landing pages is one of the best ways to increase your leads and sales. You can enhance your landing page conversion rates as long as you understand what your target audience needs. Data analysis and experimentation can also improve your landing page conversion rates.

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