Poll The People – Our Founding Story
By Owen Fay . Posted on February 7, 2022

A few months ago, my daughter was taking a “gap year” between High School and College. 

One day, I asked her “Hey, do you want to do a startup with me?” 

To make sure she does not give me a lame answer, I made her read Desh Deshpande’s book “On Entrepreneurship and Impact” 

She came back 3 days later and said “Yes dad. Let’s do this!”

The idea was simple: Allow businesses a quick way to get customer opinions *before* launch. 

For example: Allow a business to decide between two brand logos by quickly polling a hundred customer opinions. Or allow a shoe company to quickly decide between two designs of their next shoe. 

The vision was: We needed this to be faster, cheaper, and better than any existing solution. 

We put our foot down at 60 mins. That is: Start to finish, the test should be completed in 60 mins or less. (Side note: Existing solutions take about 10 days right now)

She worked with contractors from around the world (some of them who don’t speak English) – and got the product up – along with a little technology help from me. 

As she headed off to college in September, I joined the startup full-time and we went live in November. 

The startup is called “Poll the People” and we are striving to become leaders in the emerging space of “Usability A/B Testing”

PS: For my marketing friends, it’s about testing before going live – with a panel of users. This helps to reduce risk by uncovering design issues early, preventing wasted time, effort and user frustration. Similar services are: UsabilityHub, Qualtrics and Momentive (we are just better, faster and cheaper!). 

Alden Do Rosario
CEO – Poll the People

Start to finish, the test should be completed in 60 mins Alden Do Rosario Alden Do Rosario CEO

Owen Fay

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