How To Do Concept Testing UX In Less Than 60 Mins
By Owen Fay . Posted on February 22, 2022

Concept testing UX is a crucial step in the design process because it allows you test your concept before spending time building it. This will allow you to test your hypothesis, validate your assumptions and find out if what you are planning to design resonates with people before investing resources into it.

The best part is that although concept testing can be used for many types of projects, companies or designers, today I’m going to show you how easy it is to do it in less than 60 mins without having any technical knowledge.

What’s great about this is that it’s easy to use. You don’t need any coding or design expertise to get started – just upload your designs and you will start collecting feedback.

Let’s dive in !

Step 1: Pick A Concept Testing UX Platform

For our platform, we will be using Poll the People. Poll the People is a new fast self-service platform that lets any company deploy a concept test within minutes. The concept tests are designed as quick 1-question A/B test surveys and completed in less than 60 minutes.

With a self-service system and a free signup, users can get started and deploy their first test within minutes.

There is no need to design your own survey. Just use one of the expert-built templates and your responses will be rolling in within minutes. You can watch the opinion responses rolling in a Facebook-style news feed.

Step 2: Pick A Concept Testing Template

The best way to test your concept is to narrow your designs to two choices. Modern psychology research has shown why this method is preferred in concept testing.

Once you have two choices (A and B), you pick an expert-built template from the list of choices.

For concept testing UX, we will use the “Image” template. Upload your two design choices and set a question that will be presented to the responders from the opinion panel.

You are done. No completed surveys to build.

Step 3: Pick The Number Of Responses

In this test, you will select the number of responses you want. For most tests, about 200 responses is a good number. This should give you sufficient statistical confidence and get enough consumer feedback. Also, the test should be completed quickly within about 60 mins.

If you are short on budget, 100 responses would be fine too. But that would have a larger margin of error.

number of responses

Step 4: Launch !

Review your choices and checkout!

Now sit back and watch the responses come rolling in within minutes. No waiting for hours or days. The responses should start coming in almost instantly.

Step 5: Analyze The Results

As the responses come in, you can watch them in a live real-time feed. You can immediately start analyzing the responses. Or you can wait for less than an hour and wait for the full test to complete.

The first thing to look at is: Who won? And by what margin?

The greater the margin, the greater your confidence in your choice.

Then look at the feedback from the responses. Each respondent has to provide a clear explanation as to why they made their choice.

Based on the winning design and the feedback from the responses, you can then make your decision.

That’s it, you are done with your test in less than 60 mins. If you want to see specific examples of concept tests run on our platform take a look at this page.

valuable feedback

Ready to test?

Concept testing UX helps you test your design concept before spending time building it. Using this quick process, you can test your A/B hypothesis, validate your assumptions and find out if what you are planning to design resonates with people before investing resources into it. Follow the steps and tips we covered above to begin your UX concept test today.

Owen Fay

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