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When should you run an A/B test? Always, is the simple answer. The more practical answer is anytime you have the opportunity.

A usability test will help you figure out what your audience needs and wants, as well as how they feel about your business. To get more leads, you need to optimize your business to meet their needs.

Whenever you are running a usability test, you are trying to make reasonable changes in your services with the opinions of your audience. These changes are more likely to match the audience’s demands through the process of usability A/B testing.

With a specialized user panel that will rapidly provide a winner and feedback, Poll the People makes it simple to usability A/B test your audience.

The most successful businesses plan a usability A/B testing process to understand the target audience and optimize for their customers.

What is Usability A/B Testing?

Usability A/B testing is a user-centered method of assessing a product, website, app, or other resources with real users to learn about their experiences.

Two versions of the resource are shown to a panel of users in usability A/B testing to determine:

  1. Resources that create the most engagement.
  2. The version that accomplishes the test goals.
  3. Resources that drive business metrics.

The two options in usability testing are A and B. The first testing variable is referred to as ’control’ or ‘A’. Whereas the new version of the variable is referred to as the ‘variant’ or ‘B.’

Usability A/B testing is one of the most effective methods for determining what your audience wants. It helps in making the best choices before your company launches a new concept. If you ignore testing you run the risk of wasting time and money on business elements your audience doesn’t engage with.

One of the best things about usability A/B testing is that it can be used in any industry and has a wide range of applications. It doesn’t matter if you’re a B2B or B2C company, or if you sell products or services.

Why Businesses Need to Understand Their Audience

Understanding your audience and target market can reveal the demands of your potential customers. This will allow your business to create products and services that are more likely to be sold. It helps your business design its products and sales strategy to satisfy the needs of its target market.

You’ll be able to utilize channels and messaging that will appeal to your target audience once you’ve identified who they are. This stops you from wasting your money on the platforms that your target customers don’t use or aren’t interested in.

You’ll also be able to better align your brand image, style, and overall strategy to your target audience. It will create more memorable and effective communications, resulting in loyal customers.

Testing can help business owners in understanding how campaign elements such as interactions, creative content, and ad networks affect customer engagement. In the multi-screen era, consumer demand is continuously changing, and brand marketers must adapt to match their clients’ expectations.

Benefits of Understanding Your Audience

There are a lot of benefits to usability testing, to position your brand effectively in the market, you must be aware of your target audience. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get them to understand your brand’s message or convert your leads into customers.

Remember modern Consumers are more savvy, more connected and more demanding than ever before. They expect a seamless experience of brands, regardless of channels. – Experian Marketing Solutions

Understanding your target audience should be the first step in developing your marketing plan. Knowing who they are will help you develop a strategy and discover tactics to convert them into your customers. You can get to know the preferences of your potential customers after you understand your audience.

Ultimately, you can use real-time feedback to improve your services and change your product with content that the customers need. Your customers will remain loyal to your brand if you provide them with the things that they want.

Knowing who your target audience is will help you reach the correct people. When you are developing products and services, audience analysis helps you figure out who might be interested in your product.

With Poll the People you can find the right audience and develop a product based on their opinions and feedback. You’ll have everything you need to attract the ideal customers to your brand.

When you understand your customers and create the product they want, customer engagement increases. Ultimately, they become your permanent customers. As you succeed in engaging your audience, it results in increased sales.

How Poll the People Can Help

So, now that you know the importance of usability A/B testing to understand your audience, you’re ready to start testing.

Luckily, Poll the People makes it quick and simple to make, run, and analyze your audience to create great experiences.

A simple usability A/B test with Poll the People give you the ability to compare two brand logos, messaging, or brand representations to ask users for their opinions.

The tests run in about an hour and a dedicated user panel gives you real written feedback from every user that responds to the test. They will tell you about their opinions of a product, service, or resource, helping you to change your business to meet their needs.

We have a great step-by-step overview of how to run a usability A/B test with us here. It’s a simple platform that gives you complex answers to your biggest questions or issues.


You should have all the knowledge you need to conduct a test and maximize your business after this blog.

A usability A/B test will help you figure out what your audience wants and needs, as well as how they feel about your brand. Your audience is your most valuable asset, understanding them to develop products and services that they will enjoy leads to success.

If you found this blog to be helpful, feel free to share it with others who are trying to build the best user experience possible. Check out our other content and resources, or sign up to begin testing.

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