A Guide To Brand Experience
By Owen Fay . Posted on February 3, 2022

There are a lot of things that help to grow a business. Brand experience is one of the things that bring a lot of benefits and play a big role in optimization if done right. Poll the People makes it easy for any team to understand the experiences users have with the brand. 

We have some high-level content on everything you need to know about brand experience but this guide will give you a great overview of the concept.

What is Brand Experience?

Brand experience is conceptualized as sensations, feelings, cognitions, and behavioral responses evoked by
brand-related stimuli that are part of a brand’s design and identity, packaging, communications, and environments.

Most people think that a brand is owned by a company, but the brand is really owned by the consumer. Without the consumers, the brand has no value and serves no purpose.

The whole brand revolves around the perspectives of the individuals who utilize it. Each customer looks at a particular brand differently, and the mutual opinion of the majority is how the brand is perceived.

Today’s hyper-connected world has made it more difficult to create a great brand experience. Every customer has an impactful voice and that’s what makes it harder for companies to maintain a positive image.

Any bad decision, step, or fault can be disastrous for brand experience. In simpler words, the interaction of customers with brands in real life gives a transparent view into what the brand delivers versus what the organization is trying to say. It is about building an ecosystem around the brand where people see themselves and feel connected with it.

How to Create Brand Experience

Surprisingly, just one interaction can create a positive brand experience. That’s why companies must take brand experience so seriously. Creating feelings of brand belonging for customers is a big step in the success of a business. Here are two approaches to creating brand experience;

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing involves:

  • Great customer service that create loyal customers
  • A brand website visited by consistent traffic
  • Advertisements are a great way to reach users
  • Logos, stores, web content, and everything that comes under the umbrella of design
  • Attracting customers through discounts and promotions
  • Press releases and newsletters fetch the attention of the target audience
  • Influencers on social media

Indirect Marketing

Indirect marketing involves:

  • Enhancing the engagement with employees, ultimately making them ambassadors of your brand
  • Consistent and strong online presence that tracks the need of customers through their searches online
  • Reviews of the customers on platforms like Google or Amazon
  • Covering internal initiatives and make efforts to have others cover them

Brand Experience And Awareness

There is an underlying link between brand experience and brand awareness, a brand grows by being physically and socially available. Customers usually forget what the brand says or does, but they remember how it makes them feel.

Experiences are created through emotions that are formed when interacting with a business and trigger a memory. The memory of the brand is ultimately known for creating overall brand awareness.

Consistently fulfilling the needs of customers is important for improving the overall brand experience and awareness. Understanding the link between these two is very important and with Poll the People you can easily test your brand awareness.

Brand experience and brand image

Brand experiences are also linked to the brand image. The experiences users have can impact brand image positively or negatively. A brand image is what convinces the customer to buy a particular product from a company.

You should pre-determine how you want users to view your brand. It might not always end up that way but having an idea of your brand image will help with messaging, ads, or anything you present to users. It will give you a broad understanding of the customers and if they will use your brand or not.

Brand experience and its link with the brand image is important to understand. Setting a clear understanding of how you believe the brand is experienced and what the brand image is will set the groundwork for a successful brand experience test.

Brand Experience Strategy

Is there any successful business that lacks a great brand experience strategy? We haven’t been able to find one, positive opinions of brands is done through your branding. However, you should also differentiate between customers and consumers.

Customers are those who actually buy the product and consumers are those that purchase goods and services, the end-user, and the ultimate target. Both have a particular attitude towards the brand and that is essential in brand strategy.

The way people feel about you is what they will remember in the future, with a strategy, brand experience can be optimized and create the best brand for both consumers and the business.

How To Test Brand Experience With Poll the People

Brand experience is made up of a few different parts, so the question is, how do you test brand experience? Well, Poll the People is one of the best tools to test all elements of brand experience. Here are a few of the things you can test:

Brand Name

The brand name, it’s pronunciation, understandability, and the overall impression it creates make a difference in brand experience. You want the companies name to connect with the industry, engage users, and be recognizable. 


Messaging is an important part of brand experience as it shows the value of your business and is a first look into what the business does. It provides remarkably fast and powerful insights into what messaging provides the best value proposition to consumers.

Logos have become pivotal in determining the brand image overall as it gives the first look of your brand. Poll the People gives the opportunity to test the effectiveness of your logo before attaching it to the brand.

Perception Testing

As mentioned earlier, perception is what actually makes your brand. To test the perception of your brand, Poll the People actionable insights on how the audience feels and thinks about the brand.


Another major element to understand is the pricing of your products or services, as it is a building block of your brand. Determining the price point that is mutually beneficial to the brand and its consumers is vital to brand experience. Brand experience test with Poll the People gives you the power to back your pricing with feedback and data.


Positioning of your brand is also covered under the umbrella of brand experience. Poll the People gives businesses the opportunity to test positioning in just an hour and at a low cost

Examples of good brand experience

Here are three good brand experience examples;


During the Covid’19 pandemic, this US-based company gained prominence as the market for used cars increased as people avoided public transport. They delivered cars to doorsteps with easy online financing options.


One of the top-class brands has the most remarkable brand experience in the world. There’s a legacy that Steve Jobs left behind. They spoke the language of their customers and made the customer experience a premium. They are one of the best examples of how a good brand experience can boost your brand and create a powerhouse of a business.


Duracell has been around for a long time now and has maintained its consistency as it has provided power to a number of utilities you use on a daily basis. Duracell’s brand experience is unmatched without any doubt.


It’s a saying that it’s easier said than done, but here the case is different. With Poll the People it’s as easy as it’s said. Poll the People provides effective and efficient brand experience tests for businesses seeking long-term success.

The platform provides several templates and ways a business can test brand experience. If you’re ready to optimize your brand experience sign up now, if you need some more information check out this page.

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