How To Avoid Logo Mistakes Using Pre-Live A/B Testing
By Owen Fay . Posted on January 6, 2022

You are creating a new logo and you have made sure to eliminate the common mistakes.

But are you missing something that most people will see?

Like this e-commerce company that resulted in a full-fledged logo controversy and negative press?

The answer: Run a usability testbefore you go live.

How do you test before going live?

In usability A/B testing, your two logos (A and B) are presented to a panel of users. The panel then votes on your two logos and provides feedback on their choice.

By doing this, you tap into the “wisdom of the crowds” – rather than 2-3 friends. This eliminates the risk of costly mistakes.

Why would you want to test before going live?

A Couple of reasons here:

First, you want to eliminate the risk of bad decisions and logo mistakes.

Secondly, you want to get valuable feedback from users about your logo (and what is good and bad with it)

Thirdly, you want to validate your final decision with real data.

How to run the Usability test?

The test is really simple to setup with a tool like Poll the People.

It takes 5 mins to setup and the test is done in less than an hour.

When the test is complete, you see the winning results and the feedback from users.

How much does the test cost?

A logo test with 100 users costs about $42 and completes in less than an hour.

In less than 60 mins, you can setup the test and run it to completion.

And get a full report with user feedback. The insights from the feedback will help you with your brand messaging as well.

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